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                       JPNIC Translated Document

Source document: JPNIC REPORT 6
Date of the source: February 1994
Date of the last update of this translation: June 27, 1995

This is a translation of a JPNIC document. JPNIC provides this
translation for convenience of those who can not read Japanese. But it
may contain mis-translations, and is by no means official. One should
consult the source document written in Japanese for detail.
                       JPNIC Information Service

What the JPNIC Database is

  JPNIC (Japan Network Information Center) conducts the assignment of
  domain names in the JP domain (those addresses that end with ".jp")
  and other IP Addresses used in Japan independent from other network

  These tasks must be carried out fairly and swiftly; therefore, most of
  the assignment applications are processed mechanically so that the
  subjective of the person in charge cannot be influenced in the
  procedure. For example: Checking whether the domain names filled in
  the application form have already been assigned to a particular
  organization, checking whether the principle of "one domain name for
  one organization" fits, and checking whether the attribution of
  organization is appropriate or not.

  To carry out the above process swiftly, it is necessary to maintain
  a database that holds information on domain names and IP addresses in
  Japan that were assigned by the JPNIC, which can be looked up on
  request. The "JPNIC Database" was made and is maintained to meet these
  needs. Presently, this database is not only used by the JPNIC itself,
  but also by the computer network organizations, for an efficient use
  of the network. Seven types (as in below) of information are being
  maintained in the database.

  1. Domain Information
  Contains information on: the name of the organization, postal address,
  the name of the administrative contact/technical contact, DNS information,
  and the IP address of a particular domain.

  2. Network Information
  Contains information on: the name of the organization, postal address,
  the name of the administrative contact/technical contact, and DNS
  information of a particular assigned IP address.

  3. Personal Information
  Contains information on: the E-mail address, home address, phone
  number, fax number of a administrative contact/technical contact.

  4. Host Information
  Contains information on: the IP address of the DNS server, technical
  contact, the types of CPU/OS used.

  5. Project Information
  Contains information on: the name of administrative contact/technical
  contact, NOCs, domain name, IP address of a network organization.

  6. NOC Information
  Contains information on: the name of the technical contact of a NOC,
  the IP networks connected to the NOC.

  7. Community Information
  Contains the community information necessary for operating networks.
  (E-mail address, reference, administrative contact)

  1 through 4 of the above are information on the IP addresses and
  domain names of the particular organizations that have been assigned
  by the JPNIC. 5 through 7 are necessary for contacting between network
  organizations who belong to the JPNIC.

  These information are open to public in a "JPNIC application form";
  searching and renewing this database are done in the below method, to
  fasten the process of renewing the contents of the database.

Searching in the database

 Searching by whois

  An organization connected to the Internet by IP can search the JPNIC
  database by using the Unix "whois" command.

         whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp  KEYWORD

  Please specify the string that needs to be searched in KEYWORD. If
  "help" is designated in KEYWORD, one can find out the conditions upon

  If the machine does not have a "whois" command, the same service is
  available by doing the following:

        telnet whois.nic.ad.jp 43
        [...messages upon connection....]

 Searching by using the mail-server

  If the machine is not connected to the Internet by IP but can be
  reached by E-mail, the JPNIC database can be searched by using the
  mail-server function of JPNIC. In this case, please type:

        whois KEYWORD

  and send it to mail-server@nic.ad.jp. The result of the "whois"
  command will be sent automatically. Since the mail sent to mail-server
  will be processed automatically, please do not type any signatures or
  contents that do not match with the command.

 Other methods of searching

  The JPNIC accepts registration applications of domain names and IP
  addresses by postage, for those organizations that cannot be reached
  by network. However, we cannot send back searches for the JPNIC
  database by postage/fax/telephone at this moment since we cannot keep
  correspond a quick as it needs to be.

Renewing the database

 JPNIC application form

  When an organization is assigned with a domain name and an IP address,
  the information of the individual organizations is registered in the
  JPNIC database and made public. Therefore, when a particular
  information had changed, the information must be renewed by following
  the guidelines of the "JPNIC application form".

  Since the JPNIC maintains information of individual organizations and
  network organizations, there are different guidelines for filling in
  the JPNIC application form for each organization. The general
  guideline can be obtained by sending mail to info@db.nic.ad.jp. (The
  mail itself needs no content, since it will be returned
  automatically.) Guidelines for network organizations can be obtained
  by anonymous FTP or mail-server (which will be explained later).

 Applying by using the JPNIC Registration Form

  To Change the content of the JPNIC database, one must first look up
  the information to be changed (by using whois, etc.), and then change
  it following the guidelines in the JPNIC Registration guideline.
  Then, please send it to apply@db.nic.ad.jp. When E-mail is not
  available, registration can be accepted by postage. In this case,
  please make sure to put in an envelope (with the appropriate stamps)
  so we can confirm your registration.

  Also, if one belongs to a network organization and wants to change
  information concerning the name server,please read the document "Setup
  for name servers". This is available by sending mail to
  info@dns.nic.ad.jp. Nothing needs to be in the actual mail.

 Where to send Questions Concerning the JPNIC database

  If there are any questions concerning the JPNIC database and the JPNIC
  registration form, please send E-mail to query@db.nic.ad.jp.
  For questions on name server registration and application, please send
  mail to query@dns.nic.ad.jp.

Obtaining Public Information

  In the JPNIC, we provide services other than the JPNIC database.
  Proposals, provisions, detailed regulations, lists of officials,
  administrators, and members, records and handout materials of
  meetings are also made public as much as possible. Application forms
  for assignment and renewal are also available in the method below.

 Obtaining by Anonymous FTP

  The JPNIC has an anonymous FTP server. Documents that were mentioned
  above are available from ftp.nic.ad.jp, if the site is IP reachable.
  To obtain an index of the documents (INDEX) please do as in the

        ftp ftp.nic.ad.jp
        [messages upon connection]
        Name (ftp.nic.ad.jp; XXXX): anonymous
        331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
        Password: <- your E-mail address (it will not be seen on the screen)
        230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
        ftp> cd pub
        ftp> get INDEX
        ftp> quit

  Other documents are available in the above method, but since documents
  in the JPNIC are renewed often, please make sure to get the INDEX
  before getting anything else.

 Obtaining by mail-server

  JPNIC Documents can also be obtained by using the mail-server. This
  has been mentioned in "Searching in the Database", but actually,
  searching is supposed to be a supplement upon making documents public.
  Please write down the commands as in below and send it to

        % mail mail-server@nic.ad.jp
        send help
        send index

  "send help" is a command for obtaining information on the mail-server.
  "send index" is used for obtaining an INDEX of the documents. "end" is
  used to signify the end of the commands. After "end" everything after
  it is omitted. Please make sure to put nothing besides the commands
  before "end".

 Other Methods of Obtaining Documents

  JP domain/IP Address registration applications are available by
  postage, for those organizations that are not connected to a computer
  network.  In this case, please clarify the necessary documents and
  enclose an A4 size self addressed envelope for reply (Please put on a
  270 yen stamp) and send it to the address below.

Public Information Services in the Future

  In the JPNIC, we are experimenting on mirroring information stored in
  NICs in the U.S. and Europe, and developing new methods of displaying
  information, such as Gopher, listserv, and X.500. In any case, we are
  working to provide information services from various backgrounds and
  environments. If there are any questions concerning information
  services on this document and other services that were not explained,
  please feel free to send a message to us.

(Masaya Nakayama, University of Tokyo)

 [Mail Addresses used for searching/obtaining various information]

 for searching in the whois/obtaining JPNIC documents

 for obtaining information on JP domain assignments

 for obtaining information on IP Address assignments

 for obtaining the guide for filling out the JPNIC registration form
 (for general organizations)

 for obtaining information on name server registration

 for renewing/applying materials

 for questions concerning the JPNIC database/registration form

 for questions concerning registration/application for name server

 Address for Postage:

 Database Management Staff,
 Japan Network Information Center
 c/o Computer Centre, University of Tokyo
 2-11-16, Yayoi,  Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 113 Japan

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