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                       JPNIC Translated Document

Source document: JPNIC REPORT 11
Date of the source: July 1994
Date of the last update of this translation: November 16, 1995

This is a translation of a JPNIC document. JPNIC provides this
translation for convenience of those who can not read Japanese. But it
may contain mis-translations, and is by no means official. One should
consult the source document written in Japanese for detail.
        The 2nd general meeting of JPNIC

 The 2nd general meeting of JPNIC was held on April 5,1994 at the Kikai
Sinkou Kaikan (Minato-ku, Tokyo). The steering committee meeting and the
board of trustees meeting were held prior to the general meeting and as
the board of trustees meeting exceeded the schedule for about the 30 minutes,
the general meeting was opened at 14:30.

Topic 1: Confirmation of the previous minutes of the meeting

 Followed by the opening speech of President Jun Murai, the minutes of
the first general meeting held on 4/94 was confirmed. Although a few
corrections related to the list of names of the attendants was done, there
were no problems related to the contents of the previous minutes of the

Topic 2: Settlement of accounts for the year 1993

 Next, the secretary-general Masaya Nakayama reported the accounts (refer to
document1 given at the end), and the report related to the activities of
each Working Group (from now on it will be abbreviated as WG) was confirmed.

 With respect to the budget of 10,000,000 Yen, because of the membership
fees of the members who entered in the middle of the fiscal year, donations,
and bank interests the amount became 14,466,463 Yen. However, among the
membership fees, because of the accounting circumstances of the members side,
700,000 Yen has not been paid as of April 5. There were written correspondence
explaining the situation from those members to the president of JPNIC.

 In the expenditure part, the expenses for printing, meeting,
travel, labor, translation of documents and purchase of magnetic disk units
from the reserved budget totalled to 9,538,145 Yen and considering 4,3000,000
Yen for the cost for making it an incorporation the total amount was reported
as 13,838,145 Yen. As a result the balance to be carried for the next year
became 628,318 Yen.

 Out of them, there were certain items for which the estimated cost and the
actual cost varied widely.

 o Because of the cooperation of the Computer Center of Tokyo University, the
   secretariat is placed within the center and as a result it has been
   possible to save some of the expenses (copy etc.)

 o Things that were pointed out in the middle of the fiscal year (expenses
   for translation)

 o The total amount decreased because of the late execution of the budget.

 At this stage, there was the comment that, whether the expenses necessary
for making JPNIC an incorporation has been approved or not. In
respect to that, the auditor Naomasa Maruyama explained the following points.

 o Although it is not yet decided, it would become necessary in the process
   of making it an incorporation.

 o It is difficult to find the expenditure that has crossed the budget with
   respect to the earnings that has crossed the budget and from the point
   of management, it is not desirable to have a large amount of surplus.

 There seems to be discussions regarding this matter during the board of
trustees meeting. And it has been heard, that this was the reason for
extending the board of trustees meeting for 30 minutes.

 Topic 3: JPNIC members for the year 1994

 The list of members for the present year was introduced. Two members have
left in the middle of the fiscal year and as a result the number of members
has become 22.

 Topic 4: Budget for the year 1994

 Following was an explanation by the secretary-general Masaya Nakayama
regarding the budget for the year 1994 (refer to document 2 given at the end).
The budget for the present year is based on the applications from each WG
and the performance of last year. Compared to the last year, although the
membership fees have increased, this is to be used for the following.

 o Labor costs for the staffs engaged to the secretariat, cost for each WG's
   part-timer (although it was supposed to be free of cost)

 o Improvement of softwares for allocation and development (this was also
   supposed to be free of cost)

 o Expenses for official reports

 Topic 5: Revision of rules and regulations

 The last topic was related to the revision of the regulations of Japan
Network Information Center. Naomasa Maruyama who is the chairman of rule WG
explained about the points that are to be revised. The rules are also to be
revised along with the revision of the regulations, and it has been reported
that the approval is already obtained during the board of trustees meeting.

 There was the opinion that the introduction of half-yearly system is not
necessary. The main points related to the the revision are as follows.

 o Introduction of half-yearly pay system for membership
 o Strengthen the policy for preventing the raise of membership fees
 o Strengthen the effect of the letters from the administrative authority
 o Addition of quorum for making decisions based on documents
 o Decide the vice chair of the steering committee during the term of the
   committee members
 o Correspondence to donations


 At the end, vote was performed for the 3 topics mentioned above and in each
case, the decision was based on the majority of votes.

 In this way (unfortunately, arrangements were not perfect), the 2nd
general meeting of JPNIC was closed. The public documents related to the
minutes of the meeting is yet to appear as of May 10, but they are suppose
to be available through anonymous FTP (ftp.nic.ad.jp) or e-mail
(mail-server@nic.ad.jp). For obtaining documents through FTP or e-mail, please
refer to the Feb.,94 issue.

 The schedule for the steering committee meeting of this year is as follows.
As the size of the conference room is fixed, please contact to the following
JPNIC secretariat for attending the same.

 The 8th steering committee meeting is scheduled on May 10 (1994)
 The 9th steering committee meeting is scheduled on Jul.19
 The 10th steering committee meeting is scheduled on Sep.13
 The 11th steering committee meeting is scheduled on Nov.2
 The 12th steering committee meeting is scheduled on Jan.20 (1995)
 The 13th steering committee meeting is scheduled on Mar.7
                                            (Nobuhiro Sakai, dB-soft Japan)

 Contact address
 Japan Network Information Center
 c/o Computer Center, University of Tokyo
 2-11-16, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan
 Fax: +81-3-5684-7256

 Document 1: The statement of accounts for the year 1993

 [Earnings]             Budget          Settled on 31/3
Membership fees         10,000,000      13,500,000
Dues                                       700,000
Donation                                   258,750
Bank interests                               7,713
  Total                 10,000,000      14,466,463


 Printing cost
  News letter           500,000            600,000
  Copy etc.             200,000             14,317
 Cost for meeting
  Conference room rent  200,000            138,600
  Food                  450,000            788,825
 Travel expenses
  Board of trustees,
  steering committee  2,640,000          1,481,274
  Travel allowance
   Continental          120,000             78,269
   countries          1,000,000            654,035
  Stamp                  40,000             40,000
  Envelope               70,000             53,560
  Other, stationaries    60,000             93,139
 Labor cost
  Part-time           1,248,000          1,015,591
   Postal               120,000             36,057
   Tel, FAX             240,000            119,316

 Rental cost
  WS, printer etc.    2,500,000          2,287,012
  Tel, FAX              200,000            189,623

  Translation of
    documents                 0          1,556,715

 Incorporation                0          4,300,000
  expenses *            412,000            391,812
 Total               10,000,000         13,838,145

                                        * 2.0 GB magnetic disk unit

 [Settlements of account]

 In                                     14,466,463
 Out                                    13,838,145
Carry-over for the next year               628,318 (Unit = Yen)

 Document 2: Budget for the year 1994

 Membership fees                23,800,000
 Carry-over from last year         628,318
 Total                          24,428,318

 Cost for meeting
  Conference room rent             200,000 (General meeting)
  Food                             800,000
 Travel allowance
  Continental                    2,400,000 (Steering committee meeting, board
                                            of trustees meeting, JCRN, WG)
  Foreign countries              1,500,000 (APNIC/APCCIRN twice a year)

  Associate staffs               5,040,000 (420,000 per month * 12)
  Part-time                      5,040,000
                                   (@1,200 * 21 hours * 50 weeks * 4 persons)
  Post                             100,000
  Tel, FAX                         100,000
 Rental costs
  WS, printer etc.               3,210,000
  Tel, FAX                         390,000
 Printing costs
  New letter                     1,000,000
  Translation                    2,500,000
  Stationaries                     100,000
  Software development           1,200,000 (IP address allocation etc.)
 Reports                           500,000  (Interop 94)
 Preliminaries                     348,318
 Total                          24,428,318

 [In & Out]

 In                             24,428,318
 Out                            24,428,318
 Total                                   0  (Unit = Yen)

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