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Network Information for the 14th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

September 3-6, 2002 Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Kokura, Japan

IPv4/IPv6 Internet Connectivity will be provided within the Conference Center as described below.

Address block for the venue 2001:0218:1e03::/48

Access Room

Conference Room 11 - 1F

100Base-TX/10Base-T drop x 16
Destop PC x 20
help desk, printer

Sept. 3-5 8:00 - 22:00
Sept. 6 8:00 - 18:00 2001:0218:1e03:0005::/64

Wireless support

Wireless support will be provided to the entire 1F and 2F of the Conference Center. 2001:0218:1e03:0004::/64
(IPv4/IPv6 routers will will advertise their addresses)

802.11b (channel: 1-11)

Cisco Aironet 1200 series


Attendees without a wirless LAN card can obtain a free rental LAN card for the duration of the Meeting a the LAN Card Rental Desk in the Main Entrance Hall.

* Rental cards should be returned following the Meeting.
Cards will not be sold on site.

Power outlets

Power outlets will be provided to attendee seating areas within each session room and in open lounge areas.

100V AC, 60Hz. Devices that take 110V AC will work fine.
The shape of power outlets is the same as those used in the United States (two blades in parallel), except: power outlets do not have a hole for the ground pin.

Server information
Nameservers (DHCP will provide the address)
Printer server
A network printer is located in the access room (Conference Room 11 - 1F).
Outgoing SMTP server
Host configuration
Wireless access point
Cisco Aironet 1200 series
IPv4 address
A DHCP server will provide IPv4 addresses.
IPv6 address
Routers will advertise prefixes.
Default route
  • IPv4
    A DHCP server will provide the address of the default router.
  • IPv6
    Routers will advertise their addresses.
    You do not have to configure the addresses by hand.
DNS address
  • IPv4
    A DHCP server will provide the address of the IPv4 DNS.
    If you need to configure the address by hand, please use (Conference Center Network DNS server)
  • IPv6
    If your OS does not support DNS access through IPv6 transport, please use (Conference Center Network DNS server)

Network connectivity is provided with the support of NTT Communications' OCN service in conjunction with NTT/VERIO.

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