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History of Internet Resources Management in Japan

Focusing on Domain Name and IP Address

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Internet Timeline
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About History Compilation Team

Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) compiled a history of the Internet resource management in Japan in collaboration with Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS) and released “20 Year History of JPNIC Together with Japanese Internet” as a paper book in September 2013 and in PDF format in June 2014.

This site is created as “History of Internet resource management in Japan - History of Japanese Internet focusing on domain names and IP addresses,“ by revising and supplementing the above-mentioned book.

The following are the members of the JPNIC/JPRS History Compilation Team who created this content.

Name Affiliation
Tomoaki Akiyama JPNIC
Takaharu Ui JPRS
Hiroshi Koreeda JPNIC
Kanae Sato JPNIC
Susumu Sato JPNIC
Susumu Sano JPNIC/JPRS
Tomoko Nezu JPNIC
Akinori Maemura JPNIC
Yasuhiro Morishita JPRS
Toshio Watanabe JPRS

Besides, the entire english content was edited by Mr. Gerard Ross, the former Communication Manager at APNIC who also compiled the history of APNIC. The smoothness of the language is thanks to his effort.

History of APNIC

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