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About Management of JP Domain Name Japanese Page

In conjunction with the transfer of the management of the JP domain name registry to JPRS, JPNIC has given careful consideration to the issue of ensuring that JP domain names are managed in a manner that is in the public interest. As a result of this process, in addition to the content of the resolutions of the JPNIC General Meeting in December 2000, JPNIC will clarify the roles and responsibilitiesof JPNIC and the Government and set about ensuring that the management of JP domain names is in the public interest, in the following way.

  1. JPRS will report to JPNIC on the content of the reports of the Advisory Committee and JPRS's response to those reports, and JPNIC will scrutinize the content of JPRS's reports.
  2. JPRS will submit financial and accounts reports to JPNIC at least once a year and JPNIC will scrutinize the content of JPRS's reports.
  3. JPNIC and the Government will consult as to whether or not JPRS is failing to fulfill its responsibilities as the organization responsible for the management of JP domain names, and if this is judged to be the case, will direct JPRS to take corrective action.
  4. If a direction to take corrective action as described above is given on the basis of a serious failure on the part of JPRS to fulfill its duties as the organization responsible for the management of JP domain names, and if JPRS fails to take corrective action without good reason, JPNIC and the Government will, after consultation, advise JPRS that the work may be transferred to another organization, and, if JPRS fails to take corrective action even after this warning, will take the decision to transfer the registry work to another organization.

These policies are reflected in the "JP Domain Name Management and Administration Transfer Agreement" and the "ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement". In preparation for the conclusion of these two agreements, JPNIC and JPRS agreed the basic principles of the transfer and on November 9, 2001, signed a "Memorandum of understanding relating to the transfer of JP domain name management and administration work"*1. The policies described above are also reflected in Article 7 of this Memorandum.

html: http://www.nic.ad.jp/new-org/20011116-MOU.html(Japanese only)
pdf: http://www.nic.ad.jp/new-org/20011116-MOU.pdf(Japanese only, PDF, 1.2MB)

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