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IP Address Services

JPNIC is responsible for the management of IP address and AS Numbers in Japan as an NIR(National Internet Registry) under APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) in the hierarchical internet registry structure. We provide the following services to IP Address Management Agents (LIRs in Japan) and other requestors of the resources:

In addition, JPNIC undertakes a wide range of other activities in the IP address area such as:

  • Developing policies and guidelines for the management of IP addresses and AS numbers and international liaison
  • Research and studies on IP addresses and AS numbers
  • Providing statistics and other information on IP addresses and AS numbers

In policy development area, JPNIC facilities Open Policy Forum based on bottom up, open and consensus-based process for the Internet community in Japan, and takes an active role in policy discussions in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information: Introduction of JPNIC's IP Address Services

Internet Infrastructure Development

JPNIC conducts various research and development activities on the Internet resouces, DNS, security and other Internet Infrastructure and provides education and trainings through conferences and seminars such as "Internet Week"

  • Publishing newsletters and mailmagazines on the latest Internet topics and statistics
  • Researching and studying new technologies such as Internet Routing, Security, and DNS-related technologies, etc.
  • Researching and developing security mechanisms as National Internet Registry (Certification Authority, etc.)
  • Organizing and holding technical conferences, seminars, and lectures.

We also support the "Management and Administration of the administration and management of the .JP domain name" operating by Japan Registry Services Co.,Ltd.(JPRS), and actively participate in the discussions on the Internet governance.

For more information:Introduction to JPNIC's Domain-name Related Businesses

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