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IRR (Internet Routing Registry) Japanese Page

What is IRR?

Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is a database that stores routing information as well as information about route priorities. Routing information shows the path of data packets on the Internet.

In network operations, routing information is stored in a router, which is a device that acts as a switch on the Internet. In addition to this information, IRR also holds information on the maintainer of a particular route. Furthermore, it is possible to find out from route priority information, how an ISP holding multiple connections assigned priority to a particular connection to transfer particular data packets.

Being able to justify the routing information by IRR increases the reliability of data transfer by the Internet.

RADB operated by Merit Network, Inc., a research institute in the U.S., is a well-known major IRR service. Through the RADB database, IRR's information is widely used for the following purposes:

  • To confirm the trustworthiness of BGP's routing information
  • For the routing filters between ISPs
  • To gain access to contact details in the event of failure

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), a registry responsible for the distribution of Internet resources in the Asia Pacific region, also officially started an IRR service in 2002. In Japan, JPNIC is taking the lead in providing an IRR service to the Japanese community.

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