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AS Number Transfer Log in JPNIC (2024-03-07) Japanese Page

The following is a log of AS Number transfer processed by JPNIC based on JPNIC documents.

Total: 17
AS Number Source Original Date of Assignment Recipient Date of Transfer Remarks
38640 CRUST co.,Ltd. SAKURA Internet Inc.
55897 Nippon RAD Inc. SAKURA Internet Inc.
59098 HISCOM CO.,LTD. Cable DR Cloud Joint Venture
18127 Tsukuba-WAN Network Ibaraki Prefectural Government
9380 Himawari Network Inc. COMMUNITY NETWORK CENTER INC.
18138 HI-NET INC. SAKURA Internet Inc.
59117 RBNET Co.,Ltd. 2015-12-09 Asia Pacific Network Information Centre/DREAM CLOUD INNOVATION PTE. LTD. 2021-11-02
4719 Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation 2018-03-29 J-Stream Inc. 2022-03-28
7515 NTT Communications Corporation 1997-08-28 NTT Ltd Japan Corporation 2022-06-01
9609 SoftBank Corp. 2000-03-21 BBIX inc. 2022-10-11
4682 SoftBank Corp. 2000-04-11 BBIX Inc. 2022-10-11
2915 2022-06-13
37904 SoftBank Corp. 2006-10-20 BBIX inc. 2023-07-06
2713 SoftBank Corp. 2022-06-13 BBIX inc. 2023-07-06
4682 BBIX,Inc. 2022-10-11 Asia Pacific Network Information Centre/Infinivan lncorporated 2023-08-29
2713 BBIX,Inc. 2023-07-06 Asia Pacific Network Information Centre/BBIX Australia Pty Ltd 2024-01-15
58792 WirelessGate, Inc. 2014-02-05 closip Inc. 2024-03-07
131920 2017-06-14

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