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Date Photograph (Web page of visitor organizations)
Feb. 2013 Mr Fadi Chehadé from ICANN (ICANN)
Feb. 2003 ISOC (WWW)
Jan. 2003 Internet Software Consortium (WWW)
Aug. 2001 Verisign Global Registry Service (WWW)
July 2001 ICANN (WWW)
Apr. 2001 From Taiwan
Sep. 2000 VeriSign Global Registry Services (WWW)
July 2000 TWNIC (WWW)
July 2000 ICANN (WWW)
July 2000 APNIC (WWW)
July 2000 KRNIC (WWW)
July 2000 CNNIC (WWW)
Nov. 1999 APTLD (WWW)
Nov. 1999 Science Technology and Environmemt Agency
Nov. 1999 APNIC (WWW)
Oct. 1999 KRNIC (WWW)
Apr. 1999 TWNIC (WWW)
Feb. 1999 Observation by ISOC (WWW)
Feb. 1999 CNN interview (WWW)
Feb. 1999 APNG (WWW)
Feb. 1998 TWNIC (WWW)
July 1997 CNNIC (WWW)
May 1997 Observation party from Taiwan (WWW -twnic-)
Mar. 1997 InterNIC (WWW)

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