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IPv6 situation in Japan Japanese Page

IPv4 address pool reached the exhaustion phase on February 2011. Therefore, IPv6, the next version of the protocol, has begun to be utilized gradually. We put the information of IPv6 deployment situation in Japan together on this page.

IPv6 related information by JPNIC

List and Statistics Changes of address allocation number of IPv6 managed by JPNIC
Graph:IPv6 allocation number
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IPv6 address list managed by JPNIC (in Japanese)
List of IP Address Management Agents who were allocated IPv6 address (in Japanese)
Survey This is the result of survey that was asked to JPNIC members, IP address management agents and PI address holders. JPNIC conducted this survey from 21st January to 20th February 2015.

IPv6 related information by other organizations

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
IPv6 Promotion Council
Other Statistics

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