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Topics of 2004


2004.12.28 Announcement of Changes to "Important Reminders in Conjunction with Implementation of New Registry System" (Japanese only)
2004.12.28 LIR Update Meeting - 24 January 2005 (Japanese only)
2004.12.13 Started APRICOT 2005 Registration (Japanese only)
2004.12.13 JPNIC Starts Contacting Allocating Organizations for Historical Provider-independent Addresses (Japanese only)
2004.12.01 Japanese organizations established the "VoIP System Interoperability Task Force"
2004.11.29 Invitation to Submit Requests Relating to Functions to Replace Designated Provider WHOIS (Japanese only)
2004.11.29 Inconsistencies in Address Notation in WHOIS Database (Japanese only)
2004.11.26 Regular briefing for IP Address Management Agents (Japanese only)
2004.11.26 Hostmaster Consultation Session (Japanese only)
2004.11.17 DNS DAY in Yokohama (Japanese only)
2004.11.17 IP Meeting 2004 in Yokohama (Japanese only)
2004.11.15 Publication Date of Documents Originally Scheduled for Publication from October 15, 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.11.05 Regular briefing for IP Address Management Agents (Japanese only)
2004.10.29 Changes to Application Procedures in Conjunction With Transfer to New IP Registry System (Japanese only)
2004.10.27 The 24th JPNIC general meeting - 25 November 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.10.22 The 7th JPNIC Open Policy Meeting - 1 December 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.10.15 JPNIC Documents Scheduled for Publication from November 15, 2004 Onwards (Japanese only)
2004.10.15 Application of Policies Based on Consensus Achieved at JPNIC Open Policy Forum (Japanese only)
2004.10.07 Non-disclosure of Allocation Information in APNIC WHOIS Database (Japanese only)
2004.09.13 Report on Responses to Proposals to 18th APNIC Open Policy Meeting (Japanese only)
2004.09.13 IGTF-J Submits Contribution to UN Consultations on WGIG
2004.09.07 Hostmaster Consultation Session (Japanese only)
2004.09.07 The 14th LIR Update Meeting - 7 October 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.08.18 IP address fee structure revised (Japanese only)
2004.08.18 The 10th ICANN Reporting Session - 9 September 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.08.13 Partial Revision of APNIC IPv6 Address Policy Document (Japanese only)
2004.08.09 Internet Week 2004 in Yokohama (Japanese only)
2004.07.21 Started Registration of JPNIC-JPCERT/CC Security Seminar 2005 (server application security) (Japanese only)
2004.07.06 JPNIC Employment Opportunities (Japanese only)
2004.07.05 Announcement of Invitation to Submit Proposals on Construction of Systems for IP Address Authentication Bureau (Japanese only)
2004.07.02 Hostmaster Consultation Session (Japanese only)
2004.06.22 Revision of Charges for IP Address Business (Japanese only)
2004.06.21 APRICOT 2005 in Kyoto - 18-25 February (Japanese only)
2004.05.24 Report on Responses to Comments and Reflection of Opinions Expressed With Regard to Review of IP Address Business Charges (Japanese only)
2004.05.24 Notice of Termination of Period of Concurrent Use of Old and New Forms in Conjunction with Commencement of Password Authentication (Japanese only)
2004.05.21 Applicability of Consensuses Achieved at 17th APNIC Open Policy Meeting to APNIC Policy (Japanese only)
2004.05.21 Notice of Clarification of Methods of Notation, etc. on Application Form (Japanese only)
2004.05.20 The 23rd JPNIC general meeting - 18 June 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.05.12 Hostmaster Consultation Session (Japanese only)
2004.04.20 The 18th meeting of the JPNIC Advisory Council - 20 May 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.04.19 Notice of Commencement of Password Authentication (Japanese only)
2004.04.19 Notice of Implementation of Documents (Japanese only)
2004.04.15 Announcement of Publication of Documentation of 13th IP Address Management Designated Provider Liaison Committee ? Deliberations on Review of Charges for IP Business (Japanese only)
2004.04.15 Guide of the 1st debriefing meeting of ENUM Trial Japan (Japanese only)
2004.04.12 Domain Name Policy Study Group Meeting 3 (Japanese only)
2004.04.08 The 6th JPNIC Open Policy Meeting - 8 July 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.03.31 The 9th ICANN Reporting Session - 14 April 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.03.30 Hostmaster Consultation Session (Japanese only)
2004.03.30 The 13th LIR Update Meeting - 19 April 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.03.19 Launched provider independent address assignment service (Japanese only)
2004.03.18 Next Generation Task Force Meeting 7 (Japanese only)
2004.03.17 Seminar for .JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution 3 (Japanese only)
2004.03.04 The 12th LIR Update Meeting - 22 March 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.02.23 Invitation to Comment on Review of IP Address Business Charges and Announcement of Publication of Documentation and Minutes of IP Address Management Designated Provider Liaison Committee (Japanese only)
2004.02.16 The 17th meeting of the JPNIC Advisory Council - 11 March 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.02.09 Implementation of "JPNIC Address Space Management Policy" (Japanese only)
2004.02.09 Introduction to Proposals Put Forward for 17th APNIC Open Policy Meeting (Japanese only)
2004.02.03 The 11th LIR Update Meeting in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya - 17-18 October 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.01.26 Announcement of Recruitment of Data Escrow Agent for the JP Domain Name Registry (Japanese only)
2004.01.19 Announcement of "Debriefing Session on Internet Governance Issues at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)" (Japanese only)
2004.01.19 Seminar for .JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution 2 (Japanese only)
2004.01.16 The 22nd JPNIC general meeting - 13 February 2004 (Japanese only)
2004.01.16 Notice of Publication of Documents (Japanese only)
2004.01.09 Revision of "JPNIC Address Space Management Policy" (Japanese only)
2004.01.08 Announcement of Establishment of Mailing List for Exchange of Views on the Next Generation IP Registry System Function Conditions (Japanese only)

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