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Board of Trustees Japanese Page

Member of Board of Trustees

President Dr. Shigeki Goto Professor,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
School of Fundamental Science and Engineering,
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Vice President Dr. Hiroshi Esaki Professor,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,
The University of Tokyo
Vice President Junichi Nomura President,
GENZAI Corporation
Managing Trustee Yoshiki Ishida President,
Japan Network Enabler Corporation
Managing Trustee Kosuke Ito Strategic Advisor,
Connected Consumer Device Security Council
Managing Trustee Susumu Sano Vice President,
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.
Managing Trustee Hideaki Sone Professor,
Tohoku University Cyberscience Center
Managing Trustee Katsuyuki Hasebe Director,
Technology Planning Department
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Managing Trustee Tomohiro Fujisaki Director,
System Planning,
NTT Communications Corporation
Managing Trustee Takamichi Miyoshi Senior Fellow,
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Trustee Takaharu Ui Acting Director Planning Division,
Manager Corporate Planning Office
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.
Trustee Shigenari Saito Administrative Officer,
General Manager, Network Technical Development Division, Technology Sector,
Trustee Shuichi Sasakura Senior Vice President,
Network Services Division,
NTT Communications Corporation
Trustee Hiroshi Takada Special Advisor,
Data Center Services Div. Data Center Services Unit,
Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd.
Trustee Dr.Motonori Nakamura Project Professor,
Cyber Science Infrastructure Development Department,
National Institute of Informatics
Trustee Satoshi Baba Executive Officer,
Sales Promotion Dept,
Trustee Toshiyuki Hosaka Executive Officer, Corporate Sales Department
Trustee Yoshinobu Matsuzaki Service Infrastructure Division, Infrastructure Planning Department,
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Trustee Dr. Shunichiro Wakiyama Professor,
Department of General Engineering,
National Institute of Technology, Sendai College
Auditor Kuninori Aoki Senior Managing Director and COO,
Auditor Nobuki Takamiya General Manager,
System Engineering & Operations Division,
Auditor Takahiro Nishiwaki Deputy Head,
[ updated]

Member of Advisers

Koichi Suzuki Chairman & CEO,
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Dr. Jun Murai Dean
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Keio University
[ updated]

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