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Copyright and Links Japanese Page


Copyright to all content posted on the JPNIC website belongs to Japan Network Information Center and/or the content provider. Unless otherwise specified, you may use content on the conditions listed below. Where otherwise specified, please observe the conditions specified.

  • Please feel free to reprint, reproduce, redistribute or quote content, but please do not modify the content and be sure to indicate clearly the source of the material you have used.
  • Content must not be used for purposes contrary to public order and morality.
  • If you plan to issue multiple copies of works you have quoted, reprinted or reproduced, please send one copy to JPNIC.
  • If you plan to use content posted on the JPNIC website for profit, please first contact secretariat@nic.ad.jp.

Posting screen shots of a JPNIC Web page

  • Before using the screen shot, please contact secretariat@nic.ad.jp.
  • If you wish to reproduce a screen shot of a JPNIC Web page in a book, magazine or other publication, please indicate clearly the date and time on which the screen shot was taken and specify JPNIC as the source.
  • Please do not modify the content in any way.


  • Please feel free to create URL links to any page on the JPNIC website for purposes that match the purpose of JPNIC's activities and provision of information. For the purpose of JPNIC's activities, seethe Articles of Incorporation (in Japanese).
  • Example of link syntax: <a href="http://www.nic.ad.jp/">JPNIC</a> Please note that URLs for all pages other than the top page are subject to change.
  • Please do not simply create anchors, but be sure to indicate clearly that the information is provided by JPNIC or Japan Network Information Center.
  • There is no need to tell JPNIC what links you have created.

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