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Topics of 2006


2006.12.22 Toshiyuki Hosaka elected NRO Number Council (Japanese only)
2006.12.21 The 17th ICANN Reporting Session - 17 January 2007 (Japanese only)
2006.11.13 Announcement of Introductory Event on Rule-making for IP Addresses (Japanese only)
2006.11.06 IP Meeting 2006 in Yokohama (Japanese only)
2006.10.26 The 11th JPNIC Open Policy Meeting - 7 December 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.10.23 The 30th JPNIC general meeting - 24 November 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.10.12 Announcement of JPNIC Open Policy Meeting Showcase (Japanese only)
2006.10.06 Announcement of Addition of Mirroring Sites with JPIRR (Japanese only)
2006.09.22 LIR Update Meeting - 23 October 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.09.12 Announcement of Symposium: "Governance of Domain Name Disputes ? Status and Issues Facing JP-DRP" (Japanese only)
2006.09.04 Internet Week 2006 in Yokohama (Japanese only)
2006.08.22 JPNIC Employment Opportunities (Japanese only)
2006.08.18 Announcement of Addition of Mirroring Sites with JPIRR (Japanese only)
2006.08.01 Officially launched the JPIRR service (Japanese only)
2006.07.31 Report on "Analysis and Recommendations on the Exhaustion of IPv4 Address Space"
2006.07.07 Announcement of Invitation to Submit Proposals on Construction of Systems for "Routing Information Registry" (Japanese only)
2006.07.07 The 16th ICANN Reporting Session - 19 July 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.06.30 Officially launched the JPIRR service (Japanese only)
2006.06.27 Announcement of Decision of JPNIC Open Policy Meeting Program (Japanese only)
2006.06.12 Notice of Discontinuation of Reverse Lookup Zone in ip6.int (Japanese only)
2006.05.29 Discontinuation of Use of 6bone Addresses (3FFE::/16) (Japanese only)
2006.05.22 The 29th JPNIC general meeting - 16 June 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.05.15 Announcement of Presentation on 2nd Authentication Strengthening Trial Using Digital Certificates (Japanese only)
2006.05.12 The 10th JPNIC Open Policy Meeting - 7 July 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.04.12 The 15th ICANN Reporting Session - 25 April 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.04.05 JPNIC Employment Opportunities (Japanese only)
2006.04.04 The 17th LIR Update Meeting - 24 April 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.03.29 Announcement of "IETF Forum Japan" (Japanese only)
2006.03.20 Akinori Maemura (Board member of JPNIC) elected Chair of APNIC Trustees (Japanese only)
2006.03.03 Akinori Maemura (Board member of JPNIC) re-elected APNIC Trustees (Japanese only)
2006.02.07 Started SIPit18 Registration
2006.01.31 The 28th JPNIC general meeting - 3 March 2006 (Japanese only)
2006.01.31 Started route6 object registration in the JPIRR test service (Japanese only)
2006.01.24 Implemented partial reduction of IPv6 allocation fee (Japanese only)
2006.01.18 Launched Japan ENUM Trial on country code 81
2006.01.11 Notice of Revision of JPNIC Policy Documents (Japanese only)
2006.01.05 The 14th ICANN Reporting Session and the 4th IGTF Reporting Session - 26 January 2006 (Japanese only)

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