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About ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping)

ENUM is a mechanism through which users can identify one or more Internet service applications corresponding to telephone numbers in URI format by looking up the DNS. This enables connection from applications designated by the URI, such as VoIP or e-mail.

JPNIC performs the secretariats of the ENUM Study Group(desk plan) and ENUM Trial JAPAN(ETJP/trial group).

JAPAN ENUM Trial on cc81 (Jan.2006-)

JAPAN ENUM Trial aims to assign a part of the E.164 number space of Japan that begins with the country code "81" to the ENUM trial participants in Japan in both technical and operational phases of study for ENUM including international interoperability.

ENUM Trial JAPAN(ETJP)(Sep.2003-)

About ETJP

ETJP was established by JPNIC, Japan Registry Services, Co., Ltd. and WIDE Project in September 2003 to conduct a technical experiment concerning ENUM. ETJP performs ENUM trials to ensure functions and feasiblity including infrastructure service by DNS and telecommunication applications and services, and to provide a space for streamlining and investigating technical issues for launching services.

ETJP is offering the place to examine following technical issue.

  1. DNS operation for ENUM Trial
  2. Feasibility test of communication applications (device, software) using ENUM
  3. Feasibility test of communication services

ENUM Study Group (Sep.2002-)

About ENUM Study Group

ENUM Study Group was established by JPNIC(as secretariat), as a non-profit organization to make proposals concerning ENUM management, operational methods and technical standards that suit recent circumstances of Japan in September, 2002.

After the ENUM Study Group Report publication in May, 2003, an actual trial has been succeeded to ETJP.

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