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Corporate Profile

Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) is a non-profit, membership-based organization that strives to realize a rich and stable society by supporting the Internet infrastructure through various activities for its smooth administration and operation.

JNIC was founded in 1991, and it was reorganized as JPNIC in 1993, which was a voluntary association. The present JPNIC as an incorporated association was established in 1997. During those years, JPNIC has been conducting activities to support the Internet infrastructure consistently.

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JPNIC performs a wide range of activities. First, JPNIC as the NIR (National Internet Registry) administers the Internet resources such as IP addresses. Secondly, JPNIC takes part in the so-called Internet Governance for international coordination by studying international administration and policy making of the rapidly developing Internet-related matters. In addition, JPNIC conducts promotion, enlightenment and research activities about the technologies related to the Internet infrastructure required for smooth administration of the internet.

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