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About IP Address Management Agents

About IP Address Management Agents

JPNIC delegates IP address assignment and related operations (IP operations) to IP Address Management Agents (IP Agents), such as requests for allocation and registration of Internet. It is an equivalent of APNIC members without voting rights.

Becoming a JPNIC member and IP Address Management Agent are two independent schemes and organizations must separately apply for each. An IP Address Management Agent does not possess any voting rights in the Member Meetings, and being a JPNIC member itself does not enable an organization to undertake IP operations.

To Undertake IP Operations

In order to undertake IP operations such as allocation and assignment requests, an organization must exchange a contract with JPNIC and become an IP Address Management Agent. It is possible for an organization to join as an IP Agent without being a JPNIC member.

Becoming an IP Address Management Agent

Please read About IP Address Management Agents (Japanese only) and follow the instructions.

Steps to complete the contract

Please refer to the following step by step guide to becoming an IP Agent, including the application form.

If You No Longer Wish to be an IP Agent

An organization that terminates IP operations and dissolves the contract must return all delegated resources to JPNIC and follow the procedures. JPNIC will return all appropriate address space as a bulk process in such case of dissolving the contract.

Please refer to Section 6 of About IP Address Management Agents (Japanese only) for more details.

Further Information and Inquiries

E-mail query@ip.nic.ad.jp


FAQs about IP Address Management Agent (Japanese only)

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