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Topics of 1999


1999.12.27 Announcement of IPv6 sub-TLA application agent service
1999.12.27 Initiation of ICANN-D mailing list
1999.12.15 Appointing a "Domain Name Dispute Resolution Task Force"
1999.12.06 Additional deployment of .jp orthrized secondary DNS server
1999.12.01 JPNIC New Year Holiday Operating Hours
1999.11.30 Restart of the number of hosts in Japan
1999.11.09 Time limit of name server set up for Domain Names
1999.11.04 Dates in WHOIS search result will be changed for Y2K compliace
1999.11.04 Revisions to JPNIC Database Registration Guide
1999.11.04 Changes: .jp domain DNS server
1999.11.02 Comments and replies to new JPNIC documents and drafts
1999.10.01 Publication of new JPNIC documents and request for comments
1999.09.30 Information on the Large-Scale Earthquake and on the Reconstruction of the Internet in Taiwan
1999.09.29 JP Domain Names Exceeded 100,000
1999.08.04 Announcement of Internet Week 99
1999.07.27 Financial support for ICANN (report)
1999.07.06 Publication of "IPv6 Allocation and Assignment Policy Document (draft)"
1999.07.01 Experimental Project of ED Domain Name Registration
1999.06.24 Clarification of the Requirement of Domain Name Registration for Local Government
1999.06.16 Change of JPNIC Bank Account for Registration Payment
1999.05.26 How JPNIC Deals with IPv6
1999.05.12 Publication of Domain Name and IP Address Assignment Survey Report (for applications made in December 1998)
1999.05.11 Cancellation of DNS Zone Transfer and of Distribution of JP Domain List and IP address List
1999.04.15 JPNIC Translations of Internet-related Documents
1999.04.12 Trouble with whois Server (whois.nic.ad.jp)
1999.04.08 Discontinuation of http://www.nic.ad.jp/cgi-bin/new-whois-gate.pl
1999.04.05 Request to Subscribers of JPNIC Mailing Lists to Re-subscribe Due to Change of Network Service's OR.JP Domain Name to NE.JP Domain Name
1999.04.01 Cancellation Stop of DNS Zone Information Transfer, Reverse Name Information Transfer of JP Domain and of JP Domain List Distribution
1999.03.31 Publication of Internet Week 98 Tutorial Lecture Note
1999.03.23 Publication of OR Domain Names list of Network Services Changed to NE.JP Domain Names
1999.03.09 Change of Domain Names of Some Network Services (form OR.JP to NE.JP)
1999.03.05 Publication of Internet Week 98 Tutorial Presentation Materials
1999.02.24 Deadline for Sending Opinions on and Counterproposals to JP Domain Name Ground Design 1999 (draft)
1999.02.16 Publication of the Report of Computer Network Status Survey
1999.01.29 Exceptions to the Cancellation of DNS Zone Information Transfer and Reverse Name Information Transfer
1999.01.29 Announcement on the Cancellation of DNS Zone Information Transfer and Reverse Name Information Transfer (second notice)
1999.01.18 Solicitation of Opinions on and Counterproposals to JP Domain Name Ground Design 1999 (draft)
1999.01.13 Establishment of EDU-TALK Mailing List
1999.01.07 Domain Name Registration Rules Revised
1999.01.06 Documents Accompanying Domain Name Transfer Application Changed

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