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Introduction of JPNIC's IP Address Services Japanese Page

Management of IP Addresses

Global IP Address Management

  • Currently, IP addresses are allocated and assigned in a hierarchical structure with Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) at the top.
  • IANA allocates address blocks to each Regional Internet Registry (RIR), then the RIRs further allocate those address blocks to National Internet Registries (NIR) or Local Internet Registries (LIR).
  • An NIR allocates the address blocks to LIRs, which then assign the IP addresses to end-users.
Internet Registry

As an NIR, JPNIC is entrusted to manage the IP addresses in Japan by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), which is the RIR in the Asia Pacific region.

IP Address Management in Japan

  • LIRs under JPNIC become IP Address Management Agents (hereafter, IP Agents), to whom JPNIC entrusts the IP address management business. Those IP Agents receive allocations from JPNIC, and assign IP addresses to end-users and their own networks.
  • For more information: About IP Address Management Agents

Basic IP Address Services

Management of IPv4 Addresses

  • Confirmation of effective use by evaluation
  • Additional address request to APNIC
  • Management of registration information in database

IPv6 Address Agent Service

  • Agent Service for IPv6 address requests to APNIC
  • Handling queries and evaluation in Japanese

Management of AS Numbers

  • Evaluation of requirements
  • Management of registration information in database

Providing the IP Address Registry System

  • Whois Database
  • Reverse DNS System
  • Ticketing and processing requests

Other Activities

Policy Making (IPv4, IPv6, AS)

  • Organizing JPNIC Open Policy Meeting
  • Discussions at the IP Address Committee

Consolidation of IPv6 infrastructure and IPv6 promotional activities in Japan

  • Cooperation with IPv6 Promotion Council

Coordination for domestic and global policies and practice concerning resource management

  • Participation in APNIC Open Policy Meeting
  • Information exchange and cooperation with other registries

Training for IP Address Management Agents

  • Conducting several training and IP operation update meetings

Providing statistics on Internet resources in Japan

  • AS numbers
  • IPv4 addresses

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