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IP Address Japanese Page

Introduction of JPNIC's IP Address Services

JPNIC is responsible for the management of IP address and AS Numbers in Japan as an NIR (National Internet Registry) under APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Centre). We provide many services to IP Address Management Agents (LIRs in Japan) and other requestors of the resources.

About IP Address Management Agents


JPNIC WHOIS gateways provides IP address/AS number related information.

IRR (Internet Routing Registry)

Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is a database that stores routing information as well as information about route priorities. Routing information shows the path of data packets on the Internet.

JPNIC provides an IRR service(JPIRR) service for IP address management agents and people engaged in the Internet operation and to promote the use of the IRR widely in Japan.

IP Address Policy Development Process in Japan

IP Address Policies are developed by the Internet community, and RIR and NIRs document and publish policies, based on consensus of respective Address Policy Forum.

JPNIC policies describes such policies which are applicable to all users of IP address as well as Internet Registries in Japan, including JPNIC itself.

IPv6 situation in Japan

IPv4 address pool reached the exhaustion phase on February 2011. Therefore, IPv6, the next version of the protocol, has begun to be utilized gradually. We put the information of IPv6 deployment situation in Japan together on this page.

IPv4 address exhaustion in Internet Registries

To overcome IPv4 address exhaustion and continue the smooth operation of the Internet, all relevant people around the Internet have to cooperate and solve this issue. JPNIC is proactively working to solve this IPv4 exhaustion issue.

IPv4 Transfer Log in JPNIC

This is a log of IPv4 address transfer processed by JPNIC based on JPNIC document.

AS Number Transfer Log in JPNIC

This is a log of AS Number transfer processed by JPNIC based on JPNIC document.

Statistics on IP addresses, AS numbers, and IRR services

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