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About Newsletters

JPNIC publishes Newsletters covering various topics around JPNIC activities and the Internet industry for JPNIC members as well as other stakeholders in the industry three times a year.

Almost all articles are written in Japanese, but from the Issue No.57, we provide an English summary as "From JPNIC". We hope this helps you learn about the latest JPNIC activities and recent development in the Internet.

If you have any questions, comments and requests, please feel free to contact us at "jpnic-news@nic.ad.jp". Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Back Numbers

Cover:Newsletter No.85
Cover:Newsletter No.84
Cover:Newsletter No.83
Cover:Newsletter No.82
Cover:Newsletter No.81
Corner Foreward Special Article Dr. Hiroshi Esaki's ISOC Report
A Scene of the Internet History Prologue to the Internet: Its Technologies and Services IPv4 Exhaustion Watch
Introducing JPNIC Member Internet Terms in Ten Minutes Statistics
2023 March No.83 English Summary August No.84 English Summary November No.85 English Summary
2022 March No.80 English Summary July No.81 English Summary November No.82 English Summary
2021 March No.77 English Summary August No.78 English Summary November No.79 English Summary
2020 March No.74 English Summary August No.75 English Summary November No.76 Enhlish Summary
2019 March No.71 English Summary July No.72 English Summary November No.73 Enhlish Summary
2018 March No.68 English Summary July No.69 English Summary November No.70 English Summary
2017 March No.65 English Summary August No.66 English Summary November No.67 English Summary
2016 March No.62 English Summary July No.63 English Summary November No.64 English Summary
2015 March No.59 English Summary July No.60 English Summary November No.61 English Summary
2014 March No.56 August No.57 English Summary November No.58 English Summary
2013 March No.53 July No.54 November No.55
2012 March No.50 August No.51 November No.52
2011 March No.47 July No.48 November No.49
2010 March No.44 July No.45 November No.46
2009 March No.41 July No.42 November No.43
2008 March No.38 July No.39 November No.40
2007 March No.35 July No.36 November No.37
2006 March No.32 July No.33 November No.34
2005 March No.29 July No.30 November No.31
2004 March No.26 July No.27 November No.28
2003 March No.23 July No.24 November No.25
2002 March No.20 July No.21 December No.22
2001 April No.19 English Version
2000 April No.16 English Version August No.17 English Version December No.18 English Version
1999 April No13 August No14 English Version December No15 English Version
1998 March No11 December No12
1997 March No8 July No9 December No10
1996 March No5 July No6 November No7
1995 March No3 English Version July No4 English Version
1994 April No1 November No2 English Version

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