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Process Flowchart Japanese Page

JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process Flowchart

This flowchart shows the resolution process for JP domain name disputes (where the panel has a single member) in simplified form.

The numbers of days shown in the flowchart are based on the working days of the dispute resolution organization. The “number of days elapsed” shown on the left is the maximum cumulative number of days permitted for completion of the relevant step of the process.

Action of Complainant Action of DRSP Action of Registrant Action of Panel Action of JPRS
Number of days elapsed
0 days 1. Written complaint submitted
(Complainant → dispute-resolution service provider; DRSP)
1 days 2. Written complaint received
3. Disputed domain name referred to JPNIC and JPRS
4. Formal examination of written complaint
  • Complainant notified if deficiency found
  • Complainant corrects deficiency within 5 days
10 days 5. Payment of fee
(Complainant → DRSP)
  • Within 10 days of receipt of written complaint
15 days 6. Written complaint sent to registrant
(DRSP → registrant)
  • Within 5 days of receipt of fee
  • Date of sending becomes process commencement
7. Communication of disputed domain name and process commencement date
(DRSP → disputants, JPNIC, JPRS)
35 days 8. Written response submitted
(Registrant → DRSP)
  • Within 20 days of process commencement date
9. Written response to sent complainant
(DRSP → complainant)
40 days 10. Appointment of panel
(DRSP → complainant)
  • Within 5 days of receipt of written response
11. Deliberation by panel
54 days 12. Communication of decision to DRSP
(Panel → DRSP)
  • Within 14 days of appointment of panel
57 days 13. Communication and publication of decision
(DRSP → disputants, JPNIC, JPRS)
  • Within 3 days of receipt of decision
  (If decision is to cancel or transfer domain name)
14. Implementation of decision
  • Implementation deferred for 10 days after communication of decision
  • Decision implemented if no lawsuit filed in jurisdictional court within this 10-day period

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