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JAPAN ENUM Trial on cc81

Purpose of JAPAN ENUM Trial on cc81

This trial aims to assign a part of the E.164 number space of Japan that begins with the country code "81" to the ENUM trial participants in Japan in both technical and operational phases of study for ENUM including international interoperability.

Time period of trial

This trial begins on January 2006, and continues until the time determined by MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).

Funcutional Model

In this trial, Tier1 is virtually divided into two layers so that multiple trial participants can conduct experiments in Tier1. Upper layer of Tier1 (Tier1-A) is operated by JPNIC, then JPNIC delegates subordinate layer (Tier1-B) to participants. The tier architecture of this trial is shown as follows.


A trial participant may be the same organization for both Tier1-B and Tier2.
Alphabet C-K indicate digits.

Role of Tier1-A

JPNIC(Tier1-A) plays the role of Tier1 from the aspect of Tier0 as well as plays the role of Tier0 from the aspect of trial participants (Tier1-B). The concrete roles are as follows:

  1. ENUM Registry
    • Accepts and approves of the applications for trial from participants (Tier1-B)
    • Accepts and approves of the number assignment applications from trial participants (Tier1-B)
    • Operates and manages 1.8.e164.arpa ENUM registry database
  2. ENUM DNS Operater
    • Generates zone files and operates DNS for the domain, 1.8.e164.arpa

Role of Tier1-B

The role of Tier1-B is stipulated by the trial plan that is formulated by the trial participant. Basically, Tier1-B has the following functions:

  1. ENUM Registry
    • Requests the number assignment and DNS registration to Tier1-A registry
    • Accepts and approves the number assignment applications from Tier1-B ENUM registrar or Tier2 registry
    • Operates and manages D.C.0.1.8.e164.arpa ENUM registry database
  2. ENUM DNS Operater
    • Generates zone files and operates DNS for 'D.C.0.1.8.e164.arpa' domain

Number use policy

The E.164 number use policy of this trial is as follows.

  1. Use only by the purpose of this trial
  2. Provisional assignment for the trial period
  3. The E.164 numbers previously assigned for fixed telephone and cellular phone are not used.

Concretely, the following number structure is used.

8100CDEFGHJK (12digits. Alphabet C-K indicate digits.)

The strategies for observance of the number use policy are as follows.

  1. The trial number use agreement must be made, and the trial participants are obligated to observe it.
  2. Check the number whether it agrees with the above-mentioned number structure, when it is registered.
  3. When the trial participant brakes the trial number use agreement, when DNS is not set up within three months after approval of the number assignment applications, and when the trial number use agreement is changed, JPNIC can blot out the registered number according to the agreement.

Registration qualification requirement

It is necessary to fill all the following requirements to register as an trial participant (and representative of the organization).

  1. Resident in Japan (local presence requirement)
  2. Settle on the trial plan and possess the capability of it's accomplishment
  3. Experience of DNS operation

Required documentation

To register as an trial participant(and representative of the organization), the following documents are required.

  1. The trial application
  2. The trial plan
  3. Certified copy of company register within three months of after issue (Only for the corporation)
  4. Identification (Only for individual)

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