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Japanese Domain Name Testbed (Phase 2) started (7 May 2001)

JPNIC started Japanese Domain Name Testbed Phase 2 on 7 May 2001 in cooperation with Japan Registry Service Corporation (here after, JPRS).

The objective of Japanese Domain Name Testbed Phase 1 was to provide testing environment that enabled users to examine how Japanese Domain Name was configured and operated on DNS, but was not intended to provide solutions that enabled various applications to handle Japanese Domain Name. Actually, JPNIC configured NS, A and PTR records of a certain Japanese Domain Name on JP zone Name server to enable resolving it on the Internet.

As well as Phase 1, Phase 2 provides testing environment that enables users to examine how Japanese Domain Name is configured and operated on DNS. In addition to Phase 1, Phase 2 configures Japanese Domain Names registered as Generic-use JP domain name with Name Server delegation on JP zone to enable resolving them on the Internet.

Phase 2 will last until the standardization (publication of Proposed Standard Track RFCs) of normalization and character encoding of Internationalized Domain Name at the IETF. It is unclear when the standardization concludes, but it is expected at the end of this year by consideration of the progress in the IETF.

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