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2. JPNIC 6th General Meeting Report Japanese Page

(JPNIC secretariat)

JPNIC's 6th General Meeting was held at Josui Kaikan ,9F,Star Hall, on May 13, 1999. The meeting's agenda was about the approval of the FY 1998 business report and FY 1998 settlement.

The meeting began with Higashida, Secretary General reporting that a quorum had been reached, with 137 members (373 votes) in attendance. An election was then held to appoint the chair, with Jun Murai being elected by a unanimous vote of all attending full members. Nobuo Sakata and Toshifumi Matsumoto were then chosen to take the official minutes of the proceedings of the General Meeting.

The first item on the agenda was an explanation of the proposed FY 1998 business report by Sano, Chair of the Steering Committee. The proposed report was approved following this explanation.

Next on the agenda was an explanation by Maruyama, Vice President, Sano, Chair of the Steering Committee, and Higashida, Secretary General regarding the proposed FY 1998 settlement. The proposed settlement was approved this proposal.

The following materials were distributed at the general meeting. These materials can be viewed at:

Reference 1  : FY 1998 Business Report (proposal)
Reference 2-1: FY 1998 Settlement of Accounts Statement (proposal)
Reference 2-2: Basis of Calculation of Amount of Transfer from
               the Special Account to the General Account
Reference 2-3: FY 1998 Audit Report

in accordance with the conclusion of the General Meeting, Sano, Chair of the Steering Committee gave a presentation on 'The State of IPv6', followed by Oohashi , Secretariat, who spoke on the subject of 'Trends Associated with Internet Management Organizations'. Materials distributed during these talks are to be made available at the following URL:



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