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3.2 New Structure of JPNIC Secretariat

(JPNIC Secretariat)

JPNIC has taken on new secretariat staff due to the increase in the scope and volume of JPNIC's activities resulting from the rapid spread of the Internet. JPNIC's organizational structure has been partially revised from FY 1999 according to a review of this structure.
The following is an overview of the secretariat's organizational structure.

  • Office of Business Planning
    • Planning of JPNIC's management policies and new enterprises, planning regarding expansion and development of facilities and equipment, implementation of JPNIC surveys, and collation of information sources
  • General Affairs Department
    • General Affairs Section: general affairs, conference-related activities, personnel, new memberships and membership cancellations, government-related activities, and other general activities not covered by other divisions / sections.
    • Accounts Section: accounting and fiscal-related activities
  • Services Department
    Services Section 1: activities relating to applications for registration of JP domain names, standards and regulations
    Services Section 2: information Services, collation of statistics, historical compilations, questionnaires, and other public relations activities
    Services Section 3: allocation of IP addresses and AS numbers, liaison with APNIC
  • Technical Services Department
    • System administration Section: activities relating to JPNIC systems and networks
    • R&D Section: matters relating to JPNIC's business system, database, and JP domain name server, and other activities relating to Internet technical research and system development
  • International Affairs Department
    • International Affairs Section: international liaison activities, attendance at international conferences, international surveys and collection of information, translation of JPNIC public documents, and other international activities

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