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6. Latest Press Releases Japanese Page

The following magazines have been released during the 1999 financial year. Please refer to these magazines for further details of JPNIC's activities.

Internet Magazine JPNIC Colum (Impress Corporation)
URL = [http://www.nic.ad.jp/jpnic/pub/magazine.html]

April 1999: 'Network Services Associated with the Transfer from OR to NE' (Hiroaki Takada)
May 1999: 'The Internet Week'98 Report and Subsequent Developments' (Osamu Urata)
June 1999: 'Cancellation of DNS Zone Information Transfer and the of Distribution of JP Domain Name List' (Toru Okuyama)
July 1999: 'The 5th Questionnaire & Survey Regarding the Registration of JP Domain Names' (Takuya Tanimura)
August 1999: 'Changes to Global Internet Resource Coordination Structure and Recent Trends' (Yumi Ohashi)
September 1999: 'The State of the Internet in China' (Naomasa Maruyama)

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