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8.3 Suggestions and Complaints to JPNIC (2 / 1999 ~ 7 / 1999)

(JPNIC secretariat)

JPNIC has established dedicated e-mail addresses for comments and suggestions from the public, as well as addresses for receiving complaints.

goiken@nic.ad.jp mail address for suggestions
suggestions@nic.ad.jp mail address for suggestions
kujo@nic.ad.jp mail address for complaints
complaints@nic.ad.jp mail address for complaints

Responses to these suggestions and complaints are considered by the Steering Committee and are published in the minutes of proceedings for the Steering Committee meetings and in JPNIC newsletters. Please note that details of mail messages may be published, excluding sender information such as names and e-mail addresses.

The following is a breakdown of suggestions and complaints received by JPNIC through these channels between February 13 and July 2, 1999.

Total number of mail messages: 124 (including 98 English messages)

1. Opinions and inquiries regarding domain name registration rules: 15
2. Inquiries regarding domain name registration applications: 14
3. Opinions and inquiries regarding database registration applications: 7
4. Inquiries regarding connection approval: 2
5. Inquiries regarding domain-lists: 2
6. Inquiries regarding the use of database registration information: 1
7. Suggestions regarding the JPNIC web page: 1
8. Suggestions regarding the FAQ: 1
9. Notifications regarding SPAM: 29
10. Other Opinions: 13
11. Direct mail, etc. 39

Complaints regarding domain name and database applications were handled by secretariat staff. We will continue to work to ensure a prompt response.

We would like to express our thanks for your valuable comments regarding domain name registration rules and database registration. We will work to ensure that these views are reflected in future improvements.

Please note that there are separate dedicated addresses for questions and inquiries relating to domain names, IP addresses, JPNIC databases, and DNS. Please make use of these addresses as necessary.

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