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3.5 Y2K measures taken for the system

(JPNIC Secretariat)

The following countermeasures were taken by JPNIC to comply with the Y2K problem.

As the result that JPNIC carried out investigatinons on all systems and equipment, including system relating to DNS and WHOIS, no Y2K-related troubles on JPNIC DNS/WHOIS services have been detected.

1.Y2K statement

The following is JPNIC's Y2K statement, which was posted on December 13, 1999 (see http://www.nic.ad.jp/en/info/y2k.html). It details JPNIC's Y2K compliance approach.

JPNIC Y2K Compliance Statement

December 13, 1999
JPNIC Y2K Compliance Team

- What is the Year 2000 Computer Problem?

The Year 2000 (Y2K) problem refers to a series of possible flaws arising from processing the Gregorian calendar year by only the lower 2 digits, not the full 4 digits, in computers. If computer programs that function normally up to the year 1999 do not represent the year 2000 properly, various problems may result.

- JPNIC Y2K Compliance Approach

JPNIC recognizes the importance of the Y2K problem. The services it is providing to the Internet community which need consideration from the Y2K point of view are registration/assignment services of JP domain names and IP addresses and information services about these registrations/assignments. JPNIC understands the importance of maintaining these services Y2K compliant, and for that purpose, it has drawn up the Y2K project to undertake necessary actions.

- Compliance status (as of December 13, 1999)

By the end of October this year, JPNIC carried out investigations and amendments on all systems and equipment, including systems relating to DNS and WHOIS, and by this November had completed measures including mock testing. The progress status of each system is as follows.

1. DNS server

- JP Primary In regard to the JP Primary DNS server of which JPNIC assumes charge, we performed transfer work at the beginning of November (from ns1.nic.ad.jp to ns0.nic.ad.jp), and Y2K compliance for both hardware and software was concluded in tandem with that.

(Related announcement) http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/topics/archive/19991104-01.html (in Japanese)

- JP Secondary We have received notification of compliance completion or scheduled completion within the year from the respective organizations that manage the secondary servers of the JP domain.


In regard to software and hardware relating to the WHOIS service, we conducted investigations and amendments, and completed all compliance work including testing by September 1999. As for the conventional date of WHOIS search results, we have displayed the full 4 digits since December 1.

(Related announcement) http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/topics/archive/19991104-03.html(in Japanese)

3. Application processing systems

The application processing systems of which JPNIC assumes charge are categorized into three: "system for domain name registration"; "system for IP address allocation"; and "system for database registration and update".

We conducted investigations and amendments of our hardware and software configurations in regard to each of these systems, and by September 1999 had completed all Year 2000 compliance work including testing.

We have also confirmed that problems will not arise in regard to portions that handle charging such as domain registration fees, IP address allocation fees and membership fees.

- JPNIC New Year holiday operating hours

1. New Year Holiday schedule JPNIC operating hours during the New Year holidays will be as noted below. Since it is necessary for us to confirm that the Year 2000 problem does not affect our application processing systems, we will suspend operation of application processing systems during the holiday period.

[Scope of business suspension]

During the holiday period, we will suspend the following services, and response to telephone and e-mail inquiries concerning the services.

[New Year holiday schedule]

Customer Service: - from 6:00 PM Tuesday, December 28, 1999 to 10:00 AM Tuesday, January 4, 2000(JST) Application processing systems - from 3:00 PM Friday, December 31, 1999 to 10:00 AM Tuesday, January 4, 2000 (JST)

[Services to be unavailable during the holiday period]

- Domain name registration
- IP address allocation
- Database update
- Processing of membership applications and alteration of member information

During the suspension period of application processing systems mentioned above, our mail server will receive e-mail only. Application processing, acceptance notification and responses to questions will be resumed from January 4, 2000 (Tue.) 10:00 AM (JST) onwards.

2. System monitoring structure

In preparation for any unforeseen incident, JPNIC will deploy personnel in a 24-hour roster system on the days of December 31 - January 1, when special attention will be required for prompt response in the event of a problem. We also intend to post constant updates on operation status on those days on the JPNIC web page.

3. Cooperation with related organizations

In order to minimize damage and disorder caused by a chain of related troubles that may occur on the Internet, and to perform recovery work efficiently, JPNIC has prepared a communication system with each of the organizations shown below.

-JPNIC members

-JP secondary management organizations


-Y2KCC/JP http://www.iaj.or.jp/y2kcc/

-JPCERT/CC http://www.jpcert.or.jp/

- Note: We will continue to post updates on this website regarding JPNIC's approach towards the Y2K problem. This statement is intended to mean that JPNIC has been making the utmost effort to deal with the problem. JPNIC makes no guarantees and will take no responsibility for troubles that may be caused by the Y2K problem.

2. DNS servers

2.1 JP primary

With respect to the JP primary DNS server maintained by JPNIC, transfer was completed at the beginning of November to provide more stable operations, from ns1.nic.ad.jp to ns0.nic.ad.jp. Thus, Y2K compliance was completed for both hardware and software.


2.2 JP secondary

We have received Y2K compliance reports from organizations that manage JP domain secondary servers.


JPNIC previously indicated the date of a WHOIS search result using the last two digits of the year. To attain Y2K compliance, a 4-digit date has been used since December 1.

* http://www.nic.ad.jp/jp/topics/archive/19991104-03.html

The date indicated in WHOIS search results has been used for the update procedures in the JPNIC database application address (apply@db.nic.ad.jp). Until the end of this fiscal year (March 31, 2000), both 2-digit and 4-digit dates will be accepted.

<Example of WHOIS date indication change>

Example 1: For December 1, 1999 Previous indication: 99/12/01 Indication after change: 1999/12/01

Example 2: For January 1, 2000 Previous indication: 00/01/01 Indication after change: 2000/01/01

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