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5-2 Report on the First Meeting of the Internet Governance Study Group (IG-SG)

(JPNIC Secretariat)

On February 14, 2000, the first "Internet Governance Study Group" was held at Josui Kaikan in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, with 78 attendees (104 applications were received). We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in the meeting.

The participants included not only engineers, but also people from business, legal, and other fields, which made us realize the impact of Internet Governance on the Internet and the growing awareness of it.

An explanation of the study group's purpose was given, followed by an elementary lecture on the basic framework of ICANN, which is a key to global resource management, and presentation of recent ICANN topics of discussion.

  • Purpose of the Internet Governance Study Group (Takashi Arano, Planning/International Working Group)
  • ICANN: Constructing a New Framework for the Adjustment of Global Resource Management Policy (Yumi Ohashi, International Affairs Section, JPNIC Secretariat)

Recent discussions such as gTLD dispute resolution, the situation surrounding the discussion of adding new gTLDs, and At-Large Membership trend (individual membership system) in ICANN were presented. These issues are worthy of further discussion, and will be taken up individually in the future.

Following the study group meeting, an open discussion was held, in which the participants exchanged opinions frankly. We felt that there was growing concern on trends of international Internet Governance. Through this study group and the JPNIC Web site, we will continue to provide the latest information of international trends in Japanese.

This study group will be held once each month until July. In the future meetings, each topics such as international discussions regarding gTLD, and international trends in IP address management will be further discussed, in accordance with the basic points we have discussed this time.

Anyone is welcomed to participate in meetings of the study group. Announcement of the next meeting is available in the JPNIC members' mailing list and on our Web site.

In addition, information on study group meetings and various related topics is now available on the icann-d@nic.ad.jp mailing list, which anyone can join.

The minutes of the first meeting of the Internet Governance Study Group, as well as icann-d@nic.ad.jp subscription information and other international information, can be accessed from the International Cooperation page of the JPNIC Web site:


For more information, please contact the International Affairs Section of the JPNIC Secretariat: icann-sec@nic.ad.jp

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