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(JPNIC Secretariat)

NETWORLD + INTEROP 2000 TOKYO was held from June 7 - 9, 2000, in which JPNIC participated as a promotional activity. The JPNIC booth was visited by approximately 2,000 people during the three-day show.

At the JPNIC booth, JPNIC demonstrated JPNIC's Web contents with computers and exhibited 8 panels served to illustrate various activities. Moreover, the folowing materials were distributed:

- JPNIC Newsletter No.16 1500 copies
- JPNIC pamphlet 900 copies
- INET 2000 flyer 1000 copies
- Internet Week 2000 flyer 1500 copies
- Multilingual Domain Name informational brochures 300 copies
- "New JP Domain Name" brochures 400 copies
- ICANN At-Large Membership Invitations 400 copies
- Request for opinions about DRP 150 copies
- Account of Summer Forum/Internet Week 90 copies
- RFC-JP translations 90 copies

In the booth, JPNIC business activities was explained, as well as the JPNIC organizational structure. We felt that this year we had many comments and questions concerning topics, including the multilingual domain name that JPNIC is currently studying and the new JP domain name, as well as questions on operations of the JP domain name and IP addresses. In the future, when there are appropriate opportunities, JPNIC plans to continue this type of PR activity in various locations.

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