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4. JPNIC Information Japanese Page

4-3 Latest Press Releases

In order to introduce the various JPNIC activities, in the fiscal year of 2000, we have presented articles in the magazine issues indicated below. Please refer to these issues for details of JPNIC activities.

"JPNIC Column (JPNIC Tsu-shin)," INTERNET Magazine, published by Impress, Inc.

January, 2001 General-Use JP Domain Names (2) (JPNIC Planning Section)
December, 2000 General-Use JP Domain Names (1) (JPNIC Planning Section)
November, 2000 Internet Week 2000 (Keiki Ishida)
October, 2000 "The JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" (Makiko Matsumaru)
September, 2000 New Organizational Structure of JPNIC (Toshifumi Matsumoto)
August, 2000 New Domain Name (Susumu Sano)
July, 2000 Report on the ED Domain Name Experimental Project (Masahiko Hakota)
June, 2000 The IRR Research Group (Kuniaki Kondo)
May, 2000 The Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Task Force (DRP-TF) (Makiko Matsumaru)

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