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5-3 Summer Forum 2000 Report

(Public Relations and Education Working Group)

The JPNIC Summer Forum 2000 was convened on August 25, 2000. The following is a report on the event.

Date: August 25 (fri), 2000 10:00 - 16:45
Venue: Kogakuin University, Shinjuku campus

The JPNIC Summer Forum was held this year for the second time. The event's themes relate to "the Internet and society," which have become increasingly more important as use of the Internet becomes more widespread. This year's theme was "New tasks pertaining to the relationship between human and the Internet: Preparation for a crisis." More than 80 persons, most of whom represented corporations, attended the event at Kogakuin University's Shinjuku campus.

The program was as follows:

Keynote Speech 1 "Risk Management Framework"
Hiroyuki Ohno, Communications Research Laboratory, Emergency Communications Section
Keynote Speech 2 "Network Society, Laws and Rules"
Takahito Natsui, Meiji University, Law School Professor, Lawyer
Subcommittee meetings
  • Mental care
  • How to avoid becoming a wrongdoer
  • How to avoid becoming a victim
General report meeting, held after subcommittee meetings

During the morning keynote speeches, questions and answer sessions were very active. There were endless questions even after the speeches had ended, which proved that attendees were highly interested in the issues. The afternoon subcommittee meetings were marked by extremely heated discussions, and the final report meeting extended beyond the amount of time scheduled.

We hope that we can organize forums that will provide useful information in the future, whenever the opportunity arises.

Please refer to the following URL for more details pertaining to the Summer Forum 2000:


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