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1. Outline of the organization Japanese Page

Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) is an organization which supports all sorts of registrations and information necessary to facilitate computer network administration. At present, computer networks are on rapid growth and their role is also becoming of great interest. In particular, JPNIC has already shown wonderful results in registering Internet domain names and IP addresses ( Internet Protocol address) within Japan, which are essential for the administration of the Internet that is on rapid growth worldwide. In addition, the organization is working hard for developing adjustment strategies that will meet the standard of internationally wide-spreading computer networks community. JPNIC is also investigating network administrations that will match the future technological development.

The JPNIC organization is based on the following:

                  |  General Meeting   |
                            |                      |
              +-------------+-----+            +---+---+
              | Board of Trustees |            |Auditor|
              +-------------+-----+            +-------+
                            |          +-------------------+
                            +----------+ Steering Committee|
                            |          +-------------------+
                      | Secretariat|

The JPNIC steering committee selects representatives from its continental administration organizations for general meeting. Revision of rules, budget estimation and approval, election of board of trustees and auditors are carried out during the general meeting.

The board of trustees takes important decisions related to JPNIC administration and appoints the steering committee.

The steering committee performs substantial discussions on JPNIC and executes them with the help of the staffs and the secretariat.

The steering committee forms the following working groups and distributes work among the steering committee members.

  Working group name           Role
 --------------------------   ---------------
     DOM                      Registration of JP domain name
     IP-AS                    Allocation of IP address/AS number
     DB                       Collect information related to network
     DNS                      Administration of name server
     PUB                      Public relations
     SOC                      Investigation of social problems
     FUTURE                   Investigation of the future of JPNIC
     FINANCE                  Investigation of the finances of JPNIC
     APNIC                    Cooperation with Asia-pacific NIC
     RULE                     Investigation of the rules and regulations
                              of JPNIC
     IS                       Information services
     ASSESS                   Evaluation of JPNIC services

The steering committee meeting is held once in two months. And the members confirm each working group's work, discuss and determine items under investigation. The minutes of the meeting is open to public and they are placed in anonymous ftp sites. Interested persons are requested to contact the JPNIC secretariat.

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