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Board and Steering Committee Members of Japan Network Information Center Japanese Page


         Board and Steering Committee Members of Japan Network
                Information Center, as of April 6, 1994

President               : Jun Murai
Vice President          : Mizuho Mori

Trustees                : Shouichiro Asano
                          Haruhisa Ishida
                          Tuneyoshi Kamae
                          Shoichi Noguchi
                          Jun Murai
                          Mizuho Mori
                          Shin Yoshimura

Auditors                : Koki Higashida
                          Naomasa Maruyama

Chair of the Steering Committee      : Masaki Hirabaru
Vice Chair of the Steering Committee : Hiroaki Takada

Steering Committee Members: Akiko Aizawa
                            Kazue Kamiyama
                            Kazunori Konishi
                            Kunio Goto
                            Shigeki Goto
                            Nobuhiro Sakai
                            Susumu Sano
                            Haruyuki Tatsumi
                            Jun'ichi Nakamura
                            Masaya Nakayama
                            Koki Higashida
                            Jun Matsukata
                            Toshifumi Matsumoto
                            Naomasa Maruyama
                            Jun Murai
                            Shin Yoshimura

Secretary-general         : Masaya Nakayama

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