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4. Update and registration of database Japanese Page

JPNIC treats various network related information stored in the JPNIC database as a public information and utilizes it for the administration of networks. For providing the latest information regarding organizations who are using the resources of JPNIC, and information on how to set up name servers, it is necessary to update the database with the latest information. So, whenever a change takes place, the database has to be updated with the new entry. JPNIC database format is used for an entry or update of the JPNIC database.

Documents related to JPNIC database, entry format can be obtained either by anonymous ftp from ftp.nic.ad.jp or by sending e-mail to info@db.nic.ad.jp (as the e-mails are processed automatically, content of the e-mail is neglected). At present the accessible documents are as follows.

  • How to Enter JPNIC Registration Form
  • JPNIC Registration Form Entry Format(For Genaral Organizations)

Enquiries related to JPNIC database and JPNIC database entry format should be directed to query@db.nic.ad.jp.

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