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9. Announcement from the secretariat Japanese Page

  1. An application for grant (research grant for promoting public database) was forwarded to the Ministry of Education for JPNIC database, and JPNIC received 3,280,000 yen as a grant for the year 1994.
  2. The following letter was composed during the steering committee meeting and it was sent to Koudo-Jouhou-Tsushin-Shakai-Honbu (National government's special task force for promoting advanced information network society)

                                   Japan Network Information Center
                                   30th September, 1994

   Dear Sir/Madam:

    With the establishment of your foundation which has formed a
   system for extracting the opinions of the citizen of this country,
   Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC), which has worked in
   the direction of wide-spreading the Internet, would like to show
   its gratitude to your organization, and at the same time it is
   self-awakened of the great responsibility for the future.  This
   is because the Center (JPNIC) is in solidarity with organizations
   like IANA, InterNIC etc. which administrate the necessary number
   resources related to Internet, and responsibility has been given
   to JPNIC for maintaining and administrating the continental

    JPNIC is highly obliged for having this opportunity to express
   its opinion about the true role of advanced information network
   society, which it has experienced from the propelling force of

    As it was in the prime minister's speech, the advanced information
   network society is to be realized by boosting the nations economic
   frontier, which in turn would activate the economy.  In addition to
   that, through cultural exchange with other countries the advanced
   network society is to contribute to international cooperation and
   global peace.

    In order to realize the ideal advanced information society, the
   government feels that the following things should be taken care.

      -Enrichment of fundamental researches
      -Pilot projects on advanced and wide networks
      -Activate the activities of
            private networks by relaxing restrictions
      -Support the continental networks without
            discriminating the private networks from others
      -Contribution and leadership to world,
            especially to Asia Pacific regions

    Internet is of great interest as the basis for advanced
   information society.  The service for Internet environment in
   our country is on a steady progress, and the number of networks
   presently connected to the Internet is next to America and second
   in the world.

    The Center (JPNIC), with in the framework of global cooperation,
   and without discriminating the private networks from others, is
   supporting the continental Internet with the following services.

     -Allocation/Registration and administration of number resources
     (IP address, Domain name, etc.)
     -Operation server
     ( Address transfer server, information server, etc.)
     -Global cooperation and generalization of the above.

    Although the Center is supporting its activities through
   volunteers and membership fees from the organizations that
   administrate the networks, in response to your policy it would
   like to put more efforts in the direction of advanced information

    Therefore, the Center, without any bias to fields like education,
   electrical communication, information processing, medical science,
   etc. and without discriminating public organization from others,
   would like to exchange opinions on the true role of advanced
   information society with your special task force.

                                                Sincerely Yours

                                        Jun Murai

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