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1.Preface -trial and enforcement- Japanese Page

President of JPNIC JUN MURAI

I am not crazy to Audio-visial aids. I am not in the habit of collecting them. But I like music and pictures, so I have hundreds of EP and LP records and video (of course beta). The other day, I thought to change the audio- visial system to make more room in my house, I noticed that record-player, PHONO-terminal amplifer and beta-deck are difficult to find at electric stores. There are also lots of CD, VHS and LD in my house. The development of technology and market theory bring unexpectable changes to our life.

That reminds me- It was 7 years ago, I designed this house inserted 10base5's Ethernet. The cable, I expected to see it smart, hang 10baseT uglily (My family called it uglily,,). It past a long time to connect the exclusive line there. Considering that I see the scene that my children are scolded "Don't do NETSCAPE you are eating!!", it is not a surprising thing that the FTTH(Fiber to the Home) will be realized 10 years earlier than scheduled. It is necessary for supporting the use of network in the Internet as the base of forefront technology to need thinking about things hard to expect, the trial to get good result and enforcement for the good usage, quickly. I hope JPNIC will achieve substantial work through various link and cooperation.

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