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4. JPNIC information services Japanese Page

JPNIC offers services with the help of the resources (JPNIC database, other open documents/files) that JPNIC has through the network. It is also planning to arrange and prepare network information, information related to Japan, and provide pointers for achieving information from other organizations.

In order to achieve the target, JPNIC has formed the Information Service Working Group (IS-WG) from 1994. Although there are plans for increasing information, strengthening operations, there are still several factors that depend on volunteers. JPNIC will full-heartedly welcome comments on how to enrich its services. So if there is anyone who would like to help JPNIC with data or other services, then the person is requested to send an e-mail to is-wg@nic.ad.jp.

Information offered by JPNIC at present (Please refer sec.13 to see its use)

4.1 Information category

  1. Data managed by DB-WG (Database management working group)
    (whois.nic.ad.jp is experimentally offering data through mail-server, www and x.500) Personal information related to network administration (not the same as searching a general person) Domain information (domain name), Network information (IP address) Host information (name server), Project information (network project) NOC information (Network Operation Center) etc.
  2. JPNIC open documents
    (documents under ftp.nic.ad.jp:/pub can be retrieved with the help of mail-server, ftp, gopher, www)
    1. Documents related to JPNIC (ftp:/pub/jpnic, jpnic-pub)
      (rules of JPNIC, application form, minutes of steering committee meeting, Q&A, list of JP domain names) The list containing the domain names is regularly updated.
    2. JPNIC members (network project) information
      (ftp:/pub/member's directory) This information contains documents given by each of the network projects.
    3. Others (jcrn, jepg-ip etc.) (ftp:/pub/jcrn, jepg-ip)
  3. Information related to Internet that are copied/mirrored from other sites (can be availed by using ftp,gopher,www) InterNIC/RIPE NCC/ISOC/IETF etc. (ftp:/pub/internet)
  4. Pointer information (can be availed by using gopher/www)
  5. Others, access-log etc.

4.2 Theme in the future

To operate these information stably, we restructure allocation of computers and data directories. We will soon provide the on-line version of published JPNIC newsletters. And further, we requested translation of these newsletters to be able to have access from overseas. About information of use statistics, we are making a program that picks out a necessary file from access records that have different form by every services.

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