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14. JPNIC FAQ Japanese Page

This file is the answers for the questions that were sent to JPNIC secretariat (secretariat@nic.ad.jp). You can get this file to use anonymous ftp /mail server system as "ftp.nic.ad.jp:/pub/jpnic/QandA.txt". This answers and questions will add as the need arises.

February 15, 1995 JPNIC Secretariat

Q0. Is JPNIC different from JNIC?
A0. JNIC is the forerunner name of JPNIC. It will be difficult to distinguish
   JAPAN from the other countries if we only use "J"NIC. So, it added "JP",
   ISO code of JAPAN, to represent JAPAN from April 1993.

Questions for General Organization

Q1. Can you tell me how to request for a new domain name, and request for
   change of a domain name and IP address, elimination of a domain name and
   IP address and return IP address and Domain Name, and how to get the
   JPNIC documents.
A1. JPNIC distributes various explanation through anonymous ftp and e-mail.
   The applications can be sent to JPNIC either e-mail or by postal service
   (for the people who can not use "ftp" or "e-mail" only). In order to
   reduce the work-load of the JPNIC secretariat, the applicaitons are
   requested to send by e-mail if possible.

    You can use "ftp.nic.ad.jp" address to get the doucuments by anonymous ftp.
   Use"/pub/INDEX" file to research and get the documents you need.

    You can use "mail-server@nic.ad.jp"address to get the documents by e-mail.

    If you use UNIX machine, you will receive the explanation of this service
   by sending an e-mail ,

     % mail mail-server@nic.ad.jp
       send help

    This service can use by another personal computer network.
   (Nifty-serve, PC-VAN,etc.)

    To get the application for JP Domain Name and IP address, you send an
   empty e-mail to the following address.

        Domain Name   : info@domain.nic.ad.jp
        IP address    : info@ip.nic.ad.jp

    In case of using postal service, you have to send the envelop write down
   your request form and an envelop to return (If you want to get the form
   of JP Domain Name or IP address application, you have to use an envelop,
   size A4, with 270 Yen postage stamp) to the following address.

        Japan Network Information Center
        c/o Computer Centre, University of Tokyo
        2-11-16,Yayoi,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113 Japan

    But,this address may change, please get the newest information.

Q2. As we got JPNIC Domain Name and IP address, can we use Internet?
A2. JPNIC divide "to get IP address" and "to access".JPNIC does not gurantee
   about "to access". IP address can get whether you will access or not.

Q3. Then, how can we access to the Internet?
A3.You will join some JPNIC Members Network, and then you can access to
   the Internet. Please refer section 12, JPNIC Members Network List.

Q4. Which JPNIC Members network should I join?
A4. JPNIC emphasize on fairness ,so JPNIC can not recommend a special JPNIC
   Members Network. Every JPNIC Members Network has their own character,
   purpose, qualification for participation, service, access form and
   membership fee. You should choose one that you think the best.

Q5. Will you tell me full details about each JPNIC Members Network?
   (e.g.purpose, qualification for participation, how to go through the
   procedure,how to access, fees, etc.)
A5. We open the information about each JPNIC Members Network's rules and
   participation organizations in , "ftp.nic.ad.jp:/pub/an abbreviation for
   Members". If you want to know more details, you inquire to each JPNIC
   Members Network.

Q6. Will you tell me about the JPNIC Members Network that can attend the
   general organization?
A6. You can see each JPNIC Members Network's administractive rules or the
   information about participating organization(refer to Q5,A5). If you want
   to know more details, you can inquire each JPNIC Members Network.

Q7. If we go through the procedure to JPNIC Members Network, we need not
   to go through the procedure to JPNIC?
A7. If you have Domain Name or IP address, you need to register your
   information (manager name, address etc.). But some of JPNIC Members Network
   act for you. You have to inquire to your JPNIC Members Network ,whether
   act for you,or not.

Q8. Is it possible to acquire an IP address even in the case of a UUCP
   connection site?
A8. You can get IP address in spite of you access to IP access or not. You
   can get the information about how to get with sending an empty e-mail to

Q9. Please tell us the method of checking the content registered in the
   JPNIC database and the method of altering them.
A9. At first, the followings is the way of confirmation.
    1)If you have IP connection, you can use "whois" command.

                whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp <THE information you want>/e

      You can see the usage in detail to use

                whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp help/e

    2)If you confirm by e-mail, you send an e-mail to "mail-server@nic.ad.jp",

                whois <THE information you want>

      The information will send you.

    Next,the way to change the registerd information is different by the
   content. You see the Document "JPNIC Registration form entry method
   (For general organaization)" or Q10,A10. You can get the Document
   to send an empty e-mail to "info@db.nic.ad.jp".

Q10. Our organization name was changed after we obtained a domain name
    from JPNIC. What should we do?
A10. At first, you go through procedure to JPNIC Members Network that you
    join. In that case, you inquire to your JPNIC Members Network.
    The following is the explanation how to go through procedure to JPNIC.
    But some of JPNIC Members Network will act for the procedure, so you
    ask them about it.

     If you change domain name, organization name or organization outline
    after you get domain name, you have to go through procedure to JPNIC.
    You can receive the detail to send an e-mail to "info@domain.nic.ad.jp".
    When your organization name changes, you get IP adress, too, you also
    have to go through procedure as IP address. The detail about the change
    of IP address, you send to an e-mail to"info@ip.nic.ad.jp" and you can
    get the information.

     JPNIC go through carefully about this procedure to protect
    allocation/registration duplicate, transfer of domain name and IP
    address. So, it is troblesome to you, but please understand the reason.

Q11. What is "JPNIC Handle" and "NIC Handle" in the personal information
    of JPNIC Data Base?
A11. JPNIC Handle is the Handle of yours when you register to JPNIC Data
    Base, and NIC Handle is the Handle of yours when you register to InterNIC
    Data Base. This is the key to show your personal information in the Data
    Base. If you got domain name or IP address in the past, you may have
    already registered in JPNIC Data Base. Whether your data have already
    registered or not, and in case that you have already registered you can
    see from IP reachable machine what your JPNIC Handle is.

      "whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp <YOUR family name(in Latin alphabet)>"/e

    or, you can check it to send an e-mail to "mail-server@nic.ad.jp" with
    the following contents.

     "whois <YOUR family name(in Latin alphabet)>"/e

    or, you can check whether you have already registered to Internic or not
    to do from IP reachable machine,

      "whois -h whois.internic.net<YOUR family name(in Latin alphabet)>/e

Q12. We want to stop connecting to the InterNet. What should we do?
A12. At first, you complete the procedure to JPNIC Members Network that you
    join. For details of this, inquire with the JPNIC Members Network to
    which you join. It is the explanation that how to complete the procedure
    to JPNIC. Some of JPNIC Members Network will act for you. Please ask
    your Members Network about this.

     For JPNIC, you have to complete a delate procedure of your domain name
    server. You register an empty data for the name server field in the
    domain information for your organizatio that you registered on JPNIC data
    base. If you need not your domain name or IP address as you stop
    connecting to Internet, you have to complete a delate procedure for this.
    The former procedure, you can get the information to send an e-mail to
    "info@domain.nic.ad.jp", and the latter procedure, you send to an e-mail
    to "info@ip.nic.ad.jp". Please use this system.
     As domain name, in case that you do not complete the procedure after
    you delate name server you do not register your name server (to Intenet)
    within a year, it will delate automatically.

Q13. Do you have any statistics of "ac","go" or "ad" domain name?
A13. We have only the statistics from April 1993. This data can see as
    a data of JPNIC Steering committee that it will hold twice a month.

     ftp.nic.ad.jp: /pub/jpnic-pub/committee/
        930529-shiryou5-4.txt, 930720-shiryou2-1.txt
        930917-shiryou2-1.txt, 931116-shiryou2-1.txt
        940121-shiryou2-1.txt, 940318-shiryou2-1.txt
        940510-shiryou2-1.txt, etc.

Q14. As the pilot projects related to JP domain name (geographic domain)
    registration, it starts from 1st December 1993 and the plan is for a year
    to finish. But there is no public opinion from JPNIC about the plan.
    I want to know about geographic domain name from December 1994.
A14. It will continue the plan for more one year, because revise of document
    is delayed. After this document change, it will also change the rule of
    registration, but it continue to the old document rule before it revice.
    We will announce about this as soon as possible.

Q15. Can we get "DDN Protocol Handbook" by InterNIC now? And is there
     Japanese version of this?
A15. Please ask to InterNIC. And there is no Japanese version of DDN
    Protocol Handbook.

Membership Network Version

Q1. Where can we get the information of JPNIC rules and an admission form?
A1. There are files about the related documents in the directory of
   "ftp.nic.ad.jp". You can get by "anonymous ftp" or "mail server".

   file name: jpnic-rule.txt
     content: -regulations for Japan Network Information Center

   file name: jpnic-saisoku.txt
     content: -bylaws for this center membership and membership fees
              -bylaws for participate organization of regular members and
               how to count the membership
              -bylaws for the election

   file name: jpnic-info-application.txt
     content: -the information of Japan Network Information Center admission
              -the information of Japan Network Information Center
               application form

Q2. We are considering whether to become a member of JPNIC. If I join the
   JPNIC after 1st October, how much we have to pay as Membership fees?
A2. If you join after 1st October, Membership fee is half of the annual fee.
   The annual fee is calculated as the unit fee times the number of units
   defind by the category and type of the member.

Q3. Is it possible to pay the annual membership dues of JPNIC at places
    other than the project?
A3. This is a problem that where to send the receipts. If you want to pay
   by different organization name, please write down to application form
   about this problem when you join a membership. If you need more
   information, you can ask the secretariat.

Q4. Will you tell us what to submit to join JPNIC?
A4. Please send the followings documents.

    1) Japan Network Information Center application form.
    2) Administractive rules of Network (or the same as this one)
    3) The list of Network participate organization (If you use personally,
       you need not submit this documents)

    These documents can be accepted by postal service and e-mail. But in
   case that you send by e-mail, you have to send by postal service the
   "1) application form" that put the manager's seal.

Q5. Which should we seal to application form, personal seal or organization
A5. We need the personal seal.

Q6. We want to join as type A Membership. What should we do?
A6. If you are recognized as JCRN, it is no problem. You need to be recognized
   by JCRN to join JPNIC type A Membership as article 6 of bylaws for this
   center membership and membership fees .

Q7. How should we count the participate member to write down JPNIC
   application form?
A7. You should read "bylaws for participate organization of regular members
   and how to count the membership".

Q8. What should we write down for a column of Administrative Domain Name?
A8. If you get domain name for a manegement of Network, you have to write
   down that Domain Name.(If you are "AD.JP Domain", you need not to write
   it down.) And, If you don't have Administrative Domain Name, you have to
   get it after you are admitted to join JPNIC.

Q9. What should we submit as administractive rules of Network?
A9. For example, you submit the Network rules and regulations that you use
   for general organization or general user.

Q10. Will you tell me another attention to join JPNIC?
A10. After JPNIC receive the all application, JPNIC starts to examine. The
    result will send you as soon as possible (it takes about one month in
    case of long). After your application pass, you have to register the
    following information.

    1) Project information
         You have to register "Project information" in JPNIC Data base.
         This information is refered when we register each Domain or IP
         Network Address in Name server. So, you need to register the newest
         information. Is this case ,you can refer to
         "ftp.nic.ad.jp: /pub/jpnic/projform.txt".
    2) The place to inquire about your Network
         When we are inquired by general user about your Network, you
         teach your address, telephone number, Fax number, e-mail address.
    3) The Information service (JPNIC-INFO)
         JPNIC-INFO is the information service to send some of useful
         information (rules of registration, the explanation of Data base
         application form) for general Network Manager that JPNIC make
         by e-mail. JPNIC register one mail address maximum for information
         that you want to inform.

Q11. We want to apply CIDR block allocation of IP address. What should we do?
A11. You have to answer the following questions to discuss CIDR block
    allocation for your Network. In case that you pass the CIDR block
    application, this information will open as another Members Network.

    1) The term that you need IP address
    2) Expectation of the accumulated numbers of IP addresses in use
       every half year for two years from the date
    3) IP address number that you want(64,128 or 256)

Q12. Will you tell me the way to get "AS Number" that need in BGP4 Protocol.
    Because we will serve to access to international Internet by BGP4 Protocol.
A12. JPNIC do not allocate "AS Number" but JEPG/IP Routing WG. You can see
    "ftp.nic.ad.jp: /pub/jepg-ip/as-number.txt". You can refer to this
    information that JPNIC receive from JEPG/IP Routing WG.

     You can get the "AS Number" allocation if you are provider. In case
    that JPNIC have some allocation, and the person in cahrge is in Japan,
    you can send information (AS Name, Organization Name, Administrater's
    NIC Handle, Technical Manager's NIC Handle, if you don't have NIC Handle
    it is possible JPNIC Handle, if you don't have JPNIC Handle, you have to
    send e-mail address, address, telephone Number) to JEPG/IP Routing WG
    Chair in English.

Q13. We want to leave JPNIC. How to go through the withdraw procedure?
A13. You have to send to secretariat the form in
    "ftp.nic.ad.jp: /pub/jpnic-pub/jpnic-info-leave.txt".

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