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6. This year of JPNIC and the Internet Japanese Page

  Apr.5         The 7th steering committee meeting
                The 2nd board of trustees meeting
                The 2nd general meeting
  May 10        The 8th steering committee meeting
                 (JPNIC members networks started to allocate IP addresses
                  as a formal system)
  May 31        The 3rd board of trustees meeting
  Jun.13-17     JPNIC was present at INET'94 (Praha, Czecho)
  Jun.17-18     JPNIC was present at APCCIRN (Praha, Czecho)
  Jun.27        The official residence of the Prime Minister
                was connected to the Internet
  Jul.19        The 9th steering committee meeting
  Jul.20        JPNIC started experimental operation of JPNIC Web server
  Jul.27-29     JPNIC exhibited at Interop 94
  Aug.2         JPNIC was present at ISOC JC(Japan Chapter) general meeting
                for establishment
  Sep.13        The 10th steering committee meeting
  Sep.30        JPNIC presented a letter of opinion to National government's
                special task force for promoting advanced information network
                society (Koudo-Jouhou-Tsushin-Shakai-Honbu)
  Oct.2         JPNIC announced a change of a root cache attending on
                a change of operation form of merge series name server
                to general organizations
  Oct.6-7       JPNIC gave a lecture at IP Meeting'94
  Oct.19        The 4th board of trustees meeting
                The 3rd general meeting
                 (Introduction of charge for applications from 1995 was voted)
  Nov.2         The 11th steering committee meeting
  Nov.28-29     JPNIC was present at APNG (Beijing, China)
  Nov.30-Dec.2  JPNIC exhibited at UNIX Fair 94
  Dec.22        JUNET dissolution party

  Jan.16-17     JPNIC was present at APNIC meeting (Bangkok, Thailand)
  Jan.17        South Hyogo earthquake
                 (After the time, information about the shock was opened
                  to the public by WWW server at many points)
  Jan.20        The 12th steering committee meeting
  Mar.7         The 13th steering committee meeting
  Apr.11-12     JPNIC was present at the 1st ISOC summit (San Diego, USA)
  Apr.30        NSFNET Backbone stopped
  May 16        The abolition of three series operation of name server
  May 23        JPNIC endorsed the 2nd JCRN seminar and had a presentation
  May 23        JPNIC was present at the 8th JCRN general meeting
  May 24        The pilot project under geographic domain names was decided
                to extend its period (until March, 1996)

New members

  May 24        INETCLUB
  Jul.19        STARNET Co.,Ltd.
  Nov.8         Inter-Ministry network
  Nov.17        Yamanashi Area Internet Association
  Nov.18        RIMNET
  Nov.25        C&C Internet Service mesh
  Dec.8         Tokai Communication Platform
  Dec.10        Research Association for Chemistry, Biology and Infomatics
  Dec.26        InfoSphere

  Jan.12        Cyber Technologies International K.K.
  Jan.12        NIS Internet
  Feb.27        Tokyo Internet
  Feb.28        AVISNET
  Mar.10        Council for Advanced communication Network
  Mar.10        InternetKDD

Withdrew members

  Mar.10        JUNET Society
  Mar.30        INETCLUB

JPNIC schedule from April, 1995

  Apr.28        The 14th steering committee meeting
  Apr.28        The 5th board of trustees meeting
  May 12        The 4th general meeting
                The 6th board of trustees meeting
  May 24        The 15th steering committee meeting
  Jun.1         A system of charge for applications of IP address and JP
                domain name was started
  Jun.2         The 1st office contacts meeting
  Jun.30        The period of payment for membership fee of JPNIC members
                continuing from 1994
                 (Both payment in one time and on the installment plan)
  Jul.19-21     JPNIC exhibits at Networld+Interop
  Jul.31        The 16th steering committee meeting
  Aug.31        The later half membership fee of the members on the
                installment plan is calculated
  Sep.29        The 17th steering committee meeting
  Oct.XX        The 2nd office contacts meeting
  Oct.4         The 7th board of trustees meeting
  Oct.31        The 5th general meeting
  Nov.21        The 18th steering committee meeting
  Dec.28        The last workday of this year
  Dec.29-       JPNIC suspend its services
  Dec.31        The period of payment of the later half membership fee
                for the members on the installment plan

 -Jan.3         JPNIC suspend its services
  Jan.4         The first workday of this year
  Jan.XX        The 3rd office contacts meeting
  Jan.26        The 19th steering committee meeting
  Feb.28        The membership fee for the members continuing to the year
                of 1996 is calculated
  Mar.26        The 20th steering committee meeting
  Apr.XX        The 4th office contacts meeting
  Apr.19        The 21th steering committee meeting
  Apr.19        The 8th board of trustees meeting
  May 17        The 6th general meeting
  May 24        The 22th steering committee meeting

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