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                                                     January 20, 1998
                                             JPNIC Steering Committee

                     Use of the JPNIC Database

1. Purpose of JPNIC Database publication

JPNIC stores information on domain names, IP addresses, registered
organizations and individuals, and technical contacts in its database and
publicizes the database through whois and WWW. The database is open
to the public so that network administrators can use the data for Internet
operations. In case of trouble, for example, network administrators
can search the database for contact information or check the
attributes of the concerned IP address and domain name to determine
the source of the trouble.

Having no mechanism for centralized control, the Internet
is maintained by network administrators who contact one another for
management and operation purposes. Accordingly, maintenance and management
of the Internet require the collection and disclosure of allocation
information and administrator information of Internet resources.
Disclosure of such information is required internationally and is also
crucial for the
fair assignment of domain names and IP addresses.

2. Request for database update

The JPNIC Database is compiled based upon information supplied by
registrants, that is, those who applly for domain name registration and IP
address assignment.  Database information must be updated by the
registrants themselves.  To update database information, they should
make necessary modifications to the data obtained through whois, and then
send the modified data to apply@db.nic.ad.jp.  The registrants must
promptly update the Database information whenever modifications are

3. Prohibition of improper use of the Database

Several cases have been reported in which the JPNIC database has been used
for improper purposes, such as to obtain direct mailing addresses.
JPNIC strictly prohibits the impropriate use of the Database.

4. Issues concerning Database use

Based on its disclosure policy, JPNIC does not limit the use of Database
items unless special situations call for such a measures. However, as
private use of the Internet has expanded an increasing
number of individuals now apply for domain name registration and IP
address assignment.  Under such circumstances, some demand that
database access by third parties be restricted in order to protect
personal information. There is also a demand for
reinforced functions to prevent improper use and alteration of
contents of the Database.

While disclosing its Database in principle, JPNIC is considering the
following measures to respond to changing situations: - Review and clarify
rules on Database use.  - Study technical and legal restrictions on
Database access and methods of usage limitations.  - Review disclosed
information items.  - Study and develop authorization technology for
Database registration.

JPNIC will make improvements based upon the result of these studies.

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