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                                    Japan Network Information Center
                                                  September 29, 1999

                  JP Domain Names Exceeded 100,000

The number of registered JP domain name reached 100,257 on September
28, 1999.

Domain name is used on the Internet as a part of e-mail address or URL
of the WWW(World Wide Web), and is an identifier of organizations or
ISP's (Internet service providers).  In order to be usable on the
Internet, every domain name having .JP at its end needs to be
registered at JPNIC.

On the above date, the registration exceeded 100,000.  The details of
the registration are as follows:

      CO.JP  for commercial companies 78781      79%
      OR.JP  for corporations          6203       6%
      NE.JP  for network services      5710       6%   established in 11/1996
      GR.JP  for non-incorporated,     3868       4%   established in 12/1997
                 voluntary entities
      Geographic domain names          2469       2%
      AC.JP  for universities          1771       2%
      ED.JP  for educational entities   828       1%   estabished in 2/1999
      GO.JP  for Japanese government    403
                 and its agencies
      AD.JP  for JPNIC members          223

From the fact that the number of JP domain name registration was
approximately 50,000 in September 1998, we can deduce that the
registration has been doubled in one year.

For details of JPNIC, please refer to:


If you have any question, please contact the following address:

            Japan Network Information Center
              E-mail: press-dom@nic.ad.jp

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