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                                                      November 4, 1999
                                      Japan Network Information Center

                Changes: .jp domain DNS server

In order to provide better Internet service, JPNIC will be installing
a new .jp domain(*1) primary DNS server. In accordance with this
change, the host name and IP address of the DNS server will be changed
as indicated below.

Old DNS server name:	ns1.nic.ad.jp []
New DNS server name:	ns0.nic.ad.jp []

Please note that once the muve to the new server has been made, the
host name and IP address which may be specified for checking .jp
domain settings will be changed from ns1.nic.ad.jp [] to
ns0.nic.ad.jp []. The new DNS,ns0.nic.ad.jp is already
available for use.

In the change,there are several works in JPNIC and secondary DNS
servers, furthermore it is necessary to change the settings of
regional registries (i.e., InterNIC, ARIN, APNIC), and when all of the
work has been done that the migration to the new server will be
completed. See below for details on the schedule for the migration to
the new server.

A transition period of several months will be set after the change is
completed, and JPNIC will configure its systems so that the old
ns1.nic.ad.jp server may continue to be used during this period.

Finally, please note that for ordinary computers connected to the
Internet (including servers), there will be no need to change settings
or to reboot the machines.

<Schedule (tentative)>
- Up to November 9
JPNIC processes related data (i.e., SOA and NS records). (In this time
DNS orthorized secondary configuration is also updated.)

- November 9 to November 31
Updating of related regional registry settings (i.e., InterNIC, ARIN,
and APNIC settings). (JPNIC will request the registries to update.)

- December 1 to February 29
DNS server transition period

(*1) The term '.jp domain' used here refers to any DNS zone for which
    the JPNIC registeres maintains (i.e., the 'jp' zone, 'XX.jp' zone,
    or 'in- addr.arpa' zone reverse mapping to IP addresses assigned
    to the JPNIC by the APNIC).

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