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                                                      November 4, 1999
                                      Japan Network Information Center

    Dates in WHOIS search result will be changed for Y2K compliace

JPNIC has until now displayed last 2 digits of the year field in WHOIS
search result, however, for Y2K compliance, JPNIC will chang the field
format to four-digit. Please note that this change will be implemented
December 1.

Since the WHOIS search results can be used for JPNIC database update
request, JPNIC will accept both formats, two-digit and four-digit
years within fiscal year.

Date of change:
December 1, 1999

Description of change to be made:
Display of years format WHOIS results is changed to four-digit.

Sample for December 1, 1999:
Old format:     99/12/01
New format:     1999/12/01

Sample for January 1, 2000:
Old format:     00/01/01
New format:     2000/01/01

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