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                                          Japan Network Information Center
                                                         December 1, 1999

                  JPNIC New Year Holiday Operating Hours

JPNIC operating hours during the New Year holidays will be as noted below.

As we  need to perform tests to confirm that the Year 2000 computer problem
(*1) will have no effect on our systems, our applications processing system
will be placed out of operation during the holiday period.

     New Year holiday schedule
        * Customer service:
             6:00 PM Tuesday, December 28, 1999 to 10:00 AM Tuesday,
             January 4, 2000(JST)
        * Domain name registration and IP address allocation:
             3:00 PM Friday, December 31, 1999 to 10:00 AM Tuesday,
             January 4, 2000 (JST)

    Systems and services to be unavailable during holiday period
        * The following systems and services will be unavailable during
          the holiday period. Note that the processing of inquiries by
          phone or email (*2) will also be halted at this time.

    Services to be halted during holiday period
        * Domain name  registration
        * IP address  allocation
        * Database update
        * Processing of membership applications and changes in member

        * During the period over which the operation of the applications
          processing system is to be halted,  emails will only be  received
          and stored (not processed)  on our mail server. The actual
          processing of applications, notification of the receipt of incoming
          communications, and replies to inquiries will resume beginning
          Tuesday, January 4, 2000.

    1  See JPNIC Y2K Compliance Statement for further information:
    2  JPNIC email addresses for use in submitting  applications or inquiries:

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