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                                                      December 15, 1999
                     JPNIC Planning International Liaison Working Group

                  Initiation of ICANN-D mailing list

The Internet started in America about thirty years ago as experimental
network and has been expanded by the users who were mainly researchers
and engineers. In the past few years, the number of the Internet users
has been increasing dramatically, and the Internet is now becoming a
part of a global infrastructure used on a daily basis by people
throughout the world.

In this significant movement around the Internet, ICANN, the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, was established on
Sept.30,1998 as the organization which maintains and coordinates the
Internet resources (such as domain names and IP addresses) based on
global consensus.

The Internet has become an integral part of the lives of people in
Japan, and we accordingly believe that JPNIC should not only keep a
close eye on ICANN activities, but also make them reflect the voice of
the ordinary Japanese user. A problem remains, however, in that
sufficient information on ICANN activities is still not widely
available in Japan.

For this reason, JPNIC has decided to create a mailing list in
Japanese language as part of our effort to allow larger numbers of
Japanese people to learn more about the work being performed by ICANN.

Through this mailing list we hope not only to make available
up-to-the-minute information from ICANN, but also to create a scheme
which will help us learn how to make your voice heard to ICANN.

[Mailing list archive]
  The mailing list archive may be accessed at the following URL.


- How to subscribe to the ICANN-D mailing list

[How to subscribe]
  Send a mail message consisting solely of the following text to
  majordomo@nic.ad.jp: subscribe icann-d

  Postings to the mailing list may be accepted only from subscribing
  users (i.e., from subscribing mailing addresses).

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