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                                                        March 1, 2000
                                     Japan Network Information Center

Re: Registration of name servers which have IPv6 addresses to the
JPNIC database and the JP DNS server

As of January 20, JPNIC began accepting applications for IPv6 sub-TLA
allocations. And today, on March 1, we started the services to
register name servers using IPv6 addresses to JPNIC database and the
JP Primary DNS server.

Newly-provided services are the following:

 - Registration of the name servers which have IPv6 address to JPNIC
 - Registration of AAAA record to the JP Primary DNS
 - Providing information on IPv6 addresses via JPNIC WHOIS services in
   "Host Information"

For more details, please see the following document:

"JPNIC Database: Guide to Registration of IPv6 Addresses in Host
 Information "

If you have some questions, please contact the following addresses:

Questions about "Host Information" registration: query@db.nic.ad.jp
Questions about IPv6: ipv6-support@nic.ad.jp.

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