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      Multilingual Domain Name Evaluation Kit (mDNkit) Ver 1.0,
             Official Release, and Start of Distribution

                           October 18, 2000
                              JPNIC IDN-TF

JPNIC began distribution of the "Multilingual Domain Name Evaluation Kit
(mDNkit) Version 1.0, Official Release" on October 18, 2000.  Please refer
to the following URL for information regarding acquisition and use of the


The following is a list of changes made from the mDNkit Pre-release Version,
which has been distributed since September 20:

   o Revised online documents (HTML version)
   o The name "Winsock Wrapper" was changed to "mDN Wrapper."
   o runmdn can now support glibc resolver.
   o Patches for BIND 9 were updated to support the BIND 9.0.0 official
   o "ja-minus-hack," a new normalization rule, was added.
   o The set-up sample files were organized to be more easily understood.
   o Portability was improved.
   o Some minor bugs were fixed.

Please send bug reports and comments to the following addresses:

   Bug reports:  mdnkit-bugs@nic.ad.jp
   Comments:     idn-cmt@nic.ad.jp

There are also plans to establish a mailing list for the exchange of
information among users of the mDNkit and the Japanese domain name test
environment, concurrent with the start of the Phase 1 experiment, on
November 6.

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