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13 September 2001
Japan Network Information Center

Expressing Views on the Alternate Roots Problem

Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) has been studying the alternate roots issue together with Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS). The comments were summarized and posted to ICANN Board as well as expressed at the ICANN Public Forum held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on September 10.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is hierarchical by design with the authoritative root that ICANN administers, at the top of the tree. The uniqueness of the domain name space has been maintained by delegating top level domains (TLD) through appropriate processes.

On the other hand, there are companies and groups who have created alternate root servers to add pseudo-TLDs that have not taken the steps required by ICANN, and have registered domain names under such TLDs.

JPNIC and JPRS have expressed concerns in the comments that a unique DNS name space can not be maintained if these alternate roots should become widely accepted. The comments also stressed that the lengthy and costly procedure of adding new TLDs in ICANN is encouraging this situation, and therefore we urge ICANN to review the procedure. To encourage public understanding would be another approach expected.

The comments posted to ICANN Board are on view at the following URLs:

  • Original in Japanese
  • Translation in English

Please refer to the documents from ICANN for the background and details of the alternate roots issue.

  • Completion of "A Unique, Authoritative Root for the DNS" (ICP-3)
  • A Unique, Authoritative Root for the DNS

JPNIC will continue to tackle this problem. Your understanding and participation would be most welcome.

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